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Australian govt doing publicity spin as it hands Woomera over to uranium miners

Woomera-Land of the Dispossessed-Open for Mining Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog, November 12, 2010 Government announces Review of Woomera Prohibited Area .
!. Remove Aboriginal People – 40s-50s.
2. Bomb the crap out of the joint.
3. Do a “clean up” sufficient for the mining industry\
4. Do a PR exersize prior to handing to area to miners.
5. Hand the area to miners.

Throughout all this step 1 remains in force over the larger Prohibited Area.

We are at step 4

“Today Defence Minister Stephen Smith and Minister for Resources and Energy Martin Ferguson released the Interim Report of the Government Review of the Woomera Prohibited Area.
Public Comment on the Interim Report is welcome. Please send any comments to by 3 December 2010………nuclearhistory « Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog

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  1. just wondering what would be the key points in a submission and what is the agenda of the interim report


    Comment by nuclear-free individual | November 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. In reply to nuclear-free individual – well, of course, I can only guess at this agenda.
    Paul Langley is following this one up on his ever so thoroughly researched history blog. Might find some answers there.

    My own opinion is that the govt is both reassuring the uranium miners, and “flying a kite” with the public. By that, I mean that the Australian govt, as always, will expect (probably correctly) that they can get away with just about anything nuclear, if they just do it quietly, with some semblance of proper process. So, the govt hopes for pretty much no reaction from the public, before moving on to the next stage – open slather for uranium mining.


    Comment by Christina MacPherson | November 14, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi Christina and everyone. David Bradbury of Frontline Films jogged me with a very specific email in regard to the Prohibited Area changes which will make it available to miners. Specific because Aboriginal Australians who were kicked off that land are alive and in full memory that it is their land. I would urge people to think on that.
    I confess as I sat and watched MP Fergusson prattle on about “doing something productive” with the land – mining – I was thinking with tunnel vision. One would have thought before the Honourable Martin Fergusson went on TV to wax on about $$$ for miners and royalties for Hockie Town, he woudl have taken steps to find the true owners of the land first.

    Nope. Terra Nullius ( is apparently still operating in the current government’s mind (though half of us voted “donkey” last election) (guess thats what we’ve got actually)

    Its actually outrageous.

    Any submissions I guess dont need to be “expert” in this. Even if one has never heard of Len Beadell and the survey, the government decision to steal the land and bow to the British (sorry for appealing anti Anglophile, being an active British citizen, well I’m not) (course I also have Australian citizenship – automatic given in 59 and then again in the 70s once I signed a piece of paper) (oh yea, I came by boar too. I was five.) At the same time, the First Australians were not citizens and were in the process of having their land denied them, it was still being poisoned and so on.

    So thinking about it, Martin Fergusson has just twisted the knife a bit deeper into the wound with his governmental ignorance. THAT LAND IS NOT HIS LAND TO GIVE AWAY AGAIN – IT HAS TO BE GIVEN BACK TO THE VICTIMS OF THE ORIGINAL CRIME FIRST. THE TRUE OWNERS MUST DECIDE WHAT TO DO WITH IT, HOW TO USE AND HOW TO BENEFIT FROM US.

    In my opinon

    Paul Langley
    hope this doesnt overcomplicate things.


    Comment by nuclearhistory | November 14, 2010 | Reply

  4. Eer typo. I came by boat, not boar, so I should I guess be stuck on Christmas Island. Oh thats right, didnt happen ’cause Im white.



    Comment by nuclearhistory | November 14, 2010 | Reply

  5. Martin Fergusson’s email:

    Ive just asked him what steps he has taken to locate the rightful owners of the land before he hands it to the miners.



    Comment by nuclearhistory | November 14, 2010 | Reply

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