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Uranium company chairperson spruiks nuclear power to solve Australia’s water problems

Here’s a lovely bit of spin –  from Erica Smyth, of Toro  Energy uranium company, at Toro’s AGM yesterday.  Of  course, she’s on the board of ANSTO – Australia’s nuke-spruiking agency. and a member of Julia Gillard’s mining tax advisory panel.

Erica spruiks nuclear energy as a solution to Australia’s water shortage!   Hers is a complicated story about combining nuclear energy with desalination plants.

She also advocates nuclear power for electric cars – well, we knew that particular spin was coming!  But nuclear power to provide fresh water for Australia – that is indeed a new and wonderful spin.  (And, let’s not forget – the uranium/nuclear industry is the most water-intensive, water guzzling, of all industries. – Christina Macpherson

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