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Australian National University research- Climate Change + Renewable Energy

ANU combines climate change, energy research – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 2 Dec 10, The Australian National University has announced a new department which will bring together climate change and renewable energy research projects.

The Energy Change Institute will cover research fields including solar and fusion energy.Interim director of the institute Professor Ken Baldwin says it will also provide a platform for social research into climate change policy and the adoption of green technology.

“We’re able to bring energy to the Australian people not only because of the energy technology we’re developing is important but it’s also to bring the community with us through these other areas of expertise,” he said.

“It also looks at the policy setting too, the way in which governments introduce new initiatives, new energy sources and regulate them, and provide economic incentives for their adoption.” ANU combines climate change, energy research – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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