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Julian Assange upholds a fundamental human right to freedom of information

WikiLeaks has taught us valuable lessons about the suppression and manipulation of information, and how such activities pose a threat to the common good.

Don’t shoot the messenger, award him the Nobel Peace Prize, Eureka Street, Michael Mullins,  December 06, 2010 WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange are being demonised by what appears to be a slanderous propaganda campaign being waged at the highest levels of governments around the world. Continue reading

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Scientists and the ethics of uranium and nuclear weapons

Considering Australia, he argues, is a country with abundant uranium reserves, our scientists should refrain from activities that have the potential to indirectly aid the production of nuclear weapons

The Responsible Scientist: A Philosophical Inquiry, Eureka: Ethics Research, Australian Museum, December 2010, WINNER – The Responsible Scientist Setting a Moral Compass for Scientists As atomic bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the final stages of World War II in 1945, the world witnessed the devastation that science could inflict on humankind.Since that moment, countries around the world have been called to account on their nuclear weapons programs. But what responsibility rests on the shoulders of the scientists who make such grand-scale destruction possible? Continue reading

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Australia’s Labor and Liberal ‘stuck in last century’ on climate change

former prime minister Kevin Rudd was right when he called climate change ”the greatest moral, economic and environmental challenge of our generation”…….”Our two major political parties are between them the worst combination to get things going,” he said. ”You’ve got Tony Abbott and his neanderthals and Martin Ferguson still stuck in last century.

Politicians blamed for climate ‘gridlock’, Sydney Morning Herald, Paddy ManningDecember 4, 2010 THE businessman Graeme Wood has condemned Australia’s failure to act on climate change, criticising ”scared” politicians for a lack of leadership. Continue reading

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A christian plea for the nuclear arms reduction treaty

The treaty is being held up by a small number of Republican senators, led by Jon Kyl (R-AZ),….It is hard not to conclude that the primary motivation for opposing the treaty is to hurt the president….Nuclear treaties like New START represent an agonizingly slow human crawl-back from the ledge of our own destruction.

(USA) Security, Sin and Nuclear Weapons: A Christian Plea for the New START Treaty, Dr. David P. Gushee:, Professor of Christian Ethics  December 4, 2010 The very first article I ever published was called “Security, Sin, and Nuclear Weapons.” The year was 1987. Twenty-three years later, despite the collapse of the Soviet Union, security, sin and nuclear weapons remain concerns that are as relevant as ever.
The issue on the table is a nuclear arms reduction and verification treaty between the United States and Russia. Continue reading

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Even Australia’s Liberal Party knows that the nuclear waste problem is unsolvable

“My experience with dealing with justlow level radioactive waste from our research reactor tells me it would be impossible to get any sort of consensus in this country around themanagement of the high level waste a nuclear reactor would produce.” Former Liberal Party Senator Nick Minchin  (in charge of the failed attempt to impose a national nuclear waste dump in South Australia from 1998-2004.)

Nuclear power, Watt a waste – On Line Opinion , Jim Green and Natalie Wasley, – 6/12/2010, Continue reading

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India: thousands defy law in anti nuclear protest

According to the seismic survey of India, Jaitapur region has a high risk of earthquake damage, ranked as Zone IV on a five-grade scale………

Protest against nuclear power plant in Jaitapur,, 4 Dec 10, The villagers defied the draconian law of section 144 imposed in Jaitapur to form a human chain at the proposed nuclear plant site Jaitapur: Coinciding with the visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to India, thousands of villagers and farmers on Saturday staged a protest against the Jaitapur nuclear power plant. Continue reading

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