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Australian Greens urge transparency on BHP’s new statement on Olympic Dam expansion

Greens press for the release of BHP report on Olympic Dam project in South AustraliaInternational Business Times, By Ricky Roxas | December 3, 2010 Korea negotiators reach…  BHP Billiton Ltd acted too slow for public convenience in submitting its formal response on environmental concerns about its proposed mining expansion at Olympic Dam in South Australia… Greens press for the release of BHP report on Olympic Dam project in South Australia – International Business Times

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In this nuclear age, Wikileaks raises question of honesty

it seems obfuscation and duplicity often prevail even when honesty, transparency and clarity would better serve. Sometimes, people can handle the truth.

Wikileaks documents deplorable but usefu, blogs – Robert Robb 4 Dec 10, lThe disclosure of the Wikileaks documents is to be deplored. “……. the leaked documents usefully clarify several world situations. And they make you wonder whether the world wouldn’t be better off if diplomacy were more transparent and honest. Continue reading

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Scotland’s plans on exporting nuclear wastes

Plans published on returning foreign nuclear waste, BBC News, 6 December 2010 Plans published on returning foreign nuclear waste  Proposals have been published on how to handle nuclear waste from abroad, which is held at Dounreay.In the 1980s and 1990s, the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) signed contracts to recycle fuel from Australia, Belgium, Germany and Italy.
The countries were to take back the waste generated but some are not geared up to do so…….. BBC News – Plans published on returning foreign nuclear waste

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Australia under contract to receive radioactive wastes

Dounreay Radioactive Waste Substitution Consultation 2010, The Scottish Government, 7 Dec 10,
“……….Dounreay’s Historic Contracts & the Current Situation
2.1.6 The contracts entered into by UKAEA contained clauses allowing for the radioactive waste allocated to overseas customers under the reprocessing contracts to be returned to the country of origin:– the “Return of Waste Clauses”. It is Government policy that these clauses be enacted and the radioactive waste sent back to the countries of origin. However to enact these clauses, the NDA is contractually obliged to return the radioactive waste in a form which can be safely transported and stored in accordance with such regulations as may be specified by the relevant competent national authorities.
2.1.7 The countries with radioactive waste at Dounreay which is due to be returned to them are Australia, Belgium, Germany and Italy…….. Dounreay Radioactive Waste Substitution Consultation 2010


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China cracks down on Wikileaks, as its diplomacy problems are revealed

More than a few cables noted Washington’s efforts to prod Beijing to be more active in opposing nuclear proliferation…….The Chinese government’s immediate response to Wikileaks was predictable. Within 24 hours, the tightening began. The Wikileak website was blocked and media outlets seem to have been given the usual marching orders not to say anything unless specifically instructed to

Wikileaks and a Divided China – China Real Time Report – WSJRussell Leigh Moses, 3 Dec 10, This was the week of leaks. And the deluge of documents spared no one, not even China… Continue reading

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Australia too dry for nuclear, but ready for renewables

nuclear power is based on a finite resource and requires enormous amounts of cooling water, limiting possible locations within Australia to our already crowded coastlines. Dry cooling or hybrid systems do exist but are not suited to hot climates such as ours…..

…[Australia should ]  be growing a new industry with the potential to generate value for the nation through the export of renewable energy expertise and technology to a carbon-constrained world……

Too late for nuclear – The Drum (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Vassilios Agelidis 7 Nov 10, ………..the course of events in Australia up till now means that, even if we opted for nuclear tomorrow, it will not be possible any time soon, and the reality is it should not be pursued at all because it’s simply not our best option…… Continue reading

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Radiation nuclear weapons – the ultimate in immorality

the neutron bomb was designed to kill people with massive doses of radiation while leaving buildings, cities, whole countries pretty well intact…..Cohen’s death must surely highlight questions about whether we are facing up to the life-and-death realities of our increasingly nuclear world, or burying our heads in the sand.

(USA) Was Sam Cohen behind the most immoral weapon of all time? | Mail Online, 4 Dec 10, “……… a junior worker on the famed Manhattan Project, ……The supremely destructive device would be used twice on Japan, with brute power and terror, to bring a swift end to World War II.

And in the years that followed, Cohen would become the architect of what many would see as an even more monstrous weapon. Continue reading

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Australia’s State and Federal govts hampering renewable energy

the newly elected Baillieu coalition government in the state of Victoria is making it difficult to gain planning approval for new wind farms,…….

Meanwhile, on Friday climate change minister ( or is it Coal Promotion Minister) Greg Combet announced an end to the Solar Credit Multiplier scheme, which subsidises the installation of rooftop panels.

Australian renewables industry fears fresh roadblocks Proposed buffer zone around new wind farms threatens to stifle expansion, BusinessGreen, by Tom Young, 7 Dec 10, Australia’s nascent renewable industry suffered a series of setbacks over the weekend as state and federal politicians continued to show reticence over support for the sector. Continue reading

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German govt backs down on nuclear waste transport to Russia

German environmentalists said they would stage protests against the shipment, which they branded “highly dangerous”.

Demonstrators in Moscow rallied against the plans in August, citing the threat of “terrorist acts” and risk of forest fires leading to radioactive contamination.

Germany calls off disputed nuclear shipment to Russia, Google hosted news, (AFP) –7 Dec 10, BERLIN — Germany on Monday called off hotly-disputed plans to ship radioactive nuclear waste to Russia as it doubted the cargo would be safely disposed of, a spokeswoman for the environment ministry said. Continue reading

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