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Labor heavies and Chinese interests push for uranium mining in Arkaroola wilderness

  • Labor powerbroker and union heavyweight Paul Howes has also lent his support to mining in Arkaroola……”Greens MLC Mark Parnell said the project was being pushed by “a conga-line of Labor luminaries”. “The only reason it is still alive is due to powerful and influential lobbying by ALP mates,”
  • Labor mates’ lobbying a ‘threat’ to Arkaroola | Adelaide Now, Sarah Martin,  December 21, 2010 POWERFUL lobbyists connected to the Labor Party are winning the fight to mine Arkaroola, say the directors of its wilderness sanctuary. Continue reading

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South Australian govt weak on protecting Arkaroola from uranium mining

Among opponents is Liberal powerbroker Nick Minchin, who believes Arkaroola’s outstanding environmental and heritage values must be protected by a ban on mining.

Marathon Resources gets conditional approval for uranium exploration at Arkaroola * Andrew Main *  The Australian * December 21, 2010 MARATHON Resources has been given the green light by the South Australian government to resume exploration for uranium. Continue reading

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Political opposition to nuclear power in Malaysia

Apart from the additional costs incurred to treat and store radioactive waste, Santiago said the government would also have to put in place security measures to check radioactive elements from being trafficked for production of weapons.

Nuke plants: It’s outrageous, says Santiago, Free Malaysia Today, 20 Dec 10, PETALING JAYA: The government’s plan to build two nuclear power plants by 2022 is outrageous, Klang MP Charles Santiago said today.He added that the proposal was made in total disregard of Parliament and the public. Continue reading

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About Julia and Julian, well, you’re wrong, Julia

Lately, Aussie Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been banging on that the actions of Wikileaks and Assange is “illegal” – as recently as two weeks ago. There were mutterings that Australia might have him extradited over the leaking of official United States government documents.  All designed to re-affirm how much Australia loves the USA.

Julian Assange has not broken Australian law, Coppers say Wikileaks is fair dinkum, TechEye, 20 Dec 2010 While the Australian government bays for the crucifixion of its citizen Julian Assange and Wikileaks, it seems that local coppers think that neither have done anything wrong. Continue reading

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Wikileaks reveal extent of nuclear loss and smuggling

An illicit trafficking database maintained by the IAEA records 500 incidents since the mid-90s, involving “the theft or loss of nuclear or other radioactive material”. Of those, 15 involved high enrichment uranium (HEU) and plutonium, from which nuclear warheads are made.

WikiLeaks cables: How US ‘second line of defence’ tackles nuclear threat Diplomatic dispatches reveal world of smugglers, ex-military fixers and radioactive materials found in unlikely locations  Julian Borger and Karen McVeigh *,  19 December 2010The leaked US cables reveal the constant, largely unseen, work by American diplomatic missions around the world to try to keep the atomic genie in its bottle and forestall the nightmare of a terrorist nuclear attack. Continue reading

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Northern Territory intervention aimed to get Aboriginals off their land

the real motivation for the intervention, which seems to be more about land than children…. the federal government intervention – entirely without consultation with the Indigenous people and ignoring the substantive recommendations of the report to which it was purportedly responding…..Wholesale compulsory acquisition of land for unstated purposes is another measure that would not be tolerated by the Australian community as a whole….to destroy Aboriginal culture and Aboriginal attachment to their traditional lands

Human Rights and the Northern Territory Intervention, Online opinion, By Alastair Nicholson – , 20 December 2010, Australia is the only western nation without a bill of rights and, indeed, is one of only a few countries in the world to lack such a bill. Continue reading

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