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U.S. military bases made Australia a nuclear target

the use of the Cockburn Sound base, which was not far from Perth, might increase the risk of nuclear attack………….

Australia feared nuclear attack over US ties: archives ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Emma Rodgers 1 Jan 2011, Malcolm Fraser’s cabinet was warned in 1980 that boosting its military ties with the US could put Australia at risk of a nuclear attack and expose it to involvement it in American operations contrary to its national interest, secret cabinet documents show. Continue reading

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Anti nuclear movement – considerable wins, in USA

Sometimes victories can be defined as things that didn’t happen. Nuclear Information and Referral Service 30 Dec 10, And, looking back, 2010 was full of such victories. Think about it:
*Once again, the nuclear industry failed to obtain any new taxpayer loans for new nuclear reactor construction–despite, this year, gaining the support of the President of the United States.
*Once again, no new reactors were licensed, and no new reactor designs were certified. The nuclear “renaissance” continues to be a mere mirage in the minds of its backers.
*Once again, no states lifted their existing moratoria against new reactor construction, despite heavy industry lobbying.

Of course, a few things did happen, such as:

*The Vermont legislature voted to close the Vermont Yankee reactor when its license expires in 2012, and Vermont voters added an exclamation point to that when it elected the legislative leader of that fight, Peter Shumlin, to be the state’s new Governor. Continue reading

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Jo Vallentine looks forward to the shutdown of the nuclear industry

“….[the nuclear industry] was a dreadful failed experiment of the 20th century,….WHAT NEXT? Nailing the nuclear industry. Shutting it down. I’m chairwoman of the Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia….

The boomers at 65, The Age, Julie Szego, January 1, 2011“.….JO VALENTINE, POLITICIAN/NUCLEAR ACTIVIST “……….What got me elected to the Senate in 1984 was the single issue of nuclear disarmament. I was passionate about that then, and I’m still actively working on it. Continue reading

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Renewable energy – a boom for China-USA co-operation?

China’s rise offers a new and crucial opportunity. Paired, the countries can float a tremendous clean energy market that could buoy the industry worldwide – or sink it if they fail…….

China & The US: Opportunity or Threat in the Green Revolution?, Renewable Energy World Magazine Article, By Elisa Wood,   December 29, 2010 The number of green relationships being established between the US and China is on the increase but does that mean these two giants can see past their differences? Continue reading

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