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Uranium truck mishap highlights nuclear waste danger

Under the proposal, radioactive waste from cities will be transported thousands of kilometres to the dump on Muckaty Station.

Yellowcake shipment bogged on the side of the road, Sydney Morning Herald, Lindsay Murdoch,  DARWIN, January 7, 2011 THE bogging of a semi-trailer loaded with uranium oxide in Kakadu National Park has highlighted the danger of transporting the dangerous material long distances Continue reading

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UK households make money from solar energy

As many as half of Britain’s homes could earn around £600 a year from roof top solar panels and some as much as £1000,

Getting paid to produce renewable energy,, 7 Jan 2011, In the current economic climate investing in solar panels may appear costly but thanks to a government scheme you can profit from producing your own energy

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Australian Richard Butler to lead international nuclear disarmament group

Through the Middle Powers Initiative, eight international non-governmental organizations are able to work primarily with “middle power” governments to encourage and educate the nuclear weapons states to take immediate practical steps that reduce nuclear dangers and commence negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons.

Ambassador Butler to lead nuclear disarmament group, Penn State Live University of Pennsylvania, January 6, 2011 Ambassador Richard Butler, Penn State’s distinguished scholar of international peace and security, and a faculty member of the School of International Affairs, has been named chairman of the Middle Powers Initiative (MPI), effective Jan. 1. Continue reading

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Airport scanners: millimetre wave type safe, X-ray type unsafe

There are two types of scanners. The millimetre wave machine is safe, creating an image of the body by using electromagnetic waves. The other, “backscatter” devices, use low-energy X-rays to produce a picture of the body. These are not so safe

Doctor advises travellers to avoid being X-rayed Pat-downs far healthier choice, The Vancouver Sun,  By Dr. W. Gifford Jones, Special to the Windsor Star January 6, 2011 Continue reading

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