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Australian expert talking in India on cities and climate change

The new economic challenge for cities is to decarbonise for climate change and to reduce oil dependence for energy security.

Talk on attributes of a resilient city – The Times of India, PUNE: Peter Newman,10 Jan 2011, “……environmental scientist and professor of sustainability at Curtin University in Australia will speak on the characteristics of resilient cities at Symbiosis Vishwabhavan on Tuesday. Continue reading

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India mired in an expensive Enron style nuclear deal at Jaitapur

The question that needs to be asked is: Why does India want to go in for a completely unproven reactor design, which has been plagued with problems right from the start and where critical safety issues regarding the control system still remains unresolved? And at what cost?…..The problem is that this indeed a very expensive face saving exercise –

Jaitapur: Repeating Enron Once Again, People’s Democracy, Prabir Purkayastha 9 Jan 2011, ANY TIME an expensive power project agreement is pushed on to the country, the argument is put forward that as we are short of energy; we should welcome power from any source. This was what was done during the ruinous Enron project and what is being pushed now for the Jaitapur project. The victim in both cases are the people of Maharashtra, who earlier paid for expensive power from Enron and who will have to pay again a very high cost for power from the proposed Jaitapur plant. Continue reading

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