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Australia will keep its ban on uranium sales to India

Overturning the ban would reward India’s nuclear proliferation and undermine the NPT, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Australia Chair Tilman Ruff said.

“Selling uranium to India runs counter to Australia’s and global security interests, and would undermine Australia’s stated support for achieving a world without nuclear weapons,” he said..

No change in ban on uranium sales to India, Sydney Morning Herald, Adam Gartrell, January 19, 2011 The federal government has told India it won’t lift its ban on uranium sales to the South Asian giant. Continue reading

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Protests continue against India’s nuclear power plan for Jaitapur

protesting villagers and activists though boycotted the meet. In a letter to the CM, they demanded that the use of police force against protesters be stopped and cases against them withdrawn and the government changes its firm stand on the project .
Jaitapur: Villagers snub Maharashtra CM Chavan – India News  Yogita Limaye , CNN-IBN Jan 19, 2011 Mumbai: The sustained protests against the Jaitapur nuclear power plant in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra pushed the State government into holding an open meet in Mumbai Continue reading

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WA is ideal for small scale Concentrated Solar Power, with energy storage

small scale parabolic dish forms of CSP can provide a local, renewable alternative to non-renewable energy sources transmitted from outside the area…..In a CSP based facility, heat can also be stored for electricity generation after dark and on days when the sun doesn’t shine by using a heat storage system such as a molten salt battery.

Western Australia’s Concentrated Solar Power Potential Renewable Energy News :by Energy Matters. 18 Jan 2011,   Researchers from the University of Western Australia say Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technologies have excellent potential to generate clean, renewable electricity for communities and mining operations throughout the state’s vast Wheatbelt. Continue reading

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Film faces the question of storing radioactive waste for thousands of years

The new film is a startlingly beautiful and mind-bending provocation that asks the questions, “how can we possibly store nuclear waste safely for 100,000 years, and how will we explain to future generations not to open the storage facilities.”

International Film Circuit to Take Radioactive Danish Doc On Tour of US/Canada – indieWIRE, NY (JANUARY 18, 2011) International Film Circuit announced today that it has acquired US and Canadian theatrical rights to “Into Eternity,” Continue reading

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Wet weather, low grade ore, means low output for Ranger uranium mine

“We had lower grade because of access to the pit and because of the longer wet season and geological issues,”….”When we had access to the bottom of the pit, it, the grade level, was not as we were expecting,

Shortfall the pits  NT News NICK CALACOURAS   |  January 19th, 2011 ENERGY Resources Australia was forced to buy more than 600 tonnes of uranium to meet commitments after the Ranger mine produced a shortfall of ore. Continue reading

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Cameco working out how to clean up its ship uranium spill

Cameco, regulators finalize cleanup plan for uranium concentrate spill , The Vancouver Sun, By Cassandra Kyle,  January 18, 2011A ship whose cargo of uranium concentrate spilled during bad weather at sea is docked in British Columbia while a Cameco Corp. team assesses damage to its product and devises a plan to clean up the spill. Continue reading

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