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International Energy Agency commends Australia’s Zero Carbon Energy Plan

target of zero carbon emissions by 2020 is achievable using technology that is already ‘on the shelf’ and currently available….a significant number of new jobs would be created in renewable energy, manufacturing, operations and maintenance…….

IEA: Australia could run entirely on renewable energy within a decade, expert claims | Beyond Zero Emissions, 22 Jan 2011, Ambitious blueprint to cut out carbon emissions is presented at the Agency’s Paris-based headquarters Australia could shred all reliance on oil, coal and gas and become entirely dependent on renewable energy sources by the end of the decade, experts at a think-tank and an Australian university claim in a report presented at the IEA’s headquarters. Continue reading

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Doubts on the value of desalination plant for Adelaide

Given the plant will be one of the top 10 users of electricity in the state, Parnell wants the Government to commission an equivalent amount of new renewable energy to put into the grid……Gulf is being exposed to further damage to its marine life and sea grasses from excessive salinity and ultimately deoxygenated water………….

Will desal be worth its salt? | Adelaide Now, 22 Jan 2011, “……….The plant’s appetite is enormous. While Port Stanvac is better than some, it still takes 2.1 litres of seawater to produce a litre of fresh.When fully operational at the end of next year, the 100GL plant will suck in around 260 Olympic swimming pools of seawater a day and transform them into 120 swimming pools of clean water.The unwanted 140 pools of hyper-saline waste will be dispersed in the Gulf through an outfall pipe 2.5km out to sea………….. Continue reading

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Renewable energy a money spinner for French farmers

Solar, wind and biomass energy are taking off in France in the wake of national and European energy targets. Farmers see them as a potential source of steady income amid erratic commodity prices,

Analysis: French farmers turning to renewable energy By Gus Trompiz., France  Jan 21, 2011 ESTIGNEY, France (Reuters) An increasing number of farmers will try to claim a share of France’s renewable energy sector Continue reading

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