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Australia owned for millennia by the Aboriginal nations

“…….. Let it be known that this continent was in its true sense owned in its entirety for millennia by the Aboriginal nations of Australia both by title and spiritual belonging….. Sands of time give vision to work of heart | The Australian

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Australia’s inconvenient flooding puts damper on nuclear power plans

Ziggy Switkowski, Martin Ferguson and the whole sorry band of Australia’s nuclear salesmen must be cringing at today’s article by  Josh Frydenberg  (Liberal Party federal member for Kooyong, Victoria.)

What bad timing! Apart from the fact that the article ignores the USA’s and UK’s nuclear waste crises, the German anti-nuclear mass movement, and the French commercial catastrophe of its new unfinished nuclear reactors, the article’s timing  is just rotten luck for the nuclear power case in Australia. They’d be wiser to lie low for some time.

How would nuclear power plants, dotted along Australia’s East coast, (as planned) go in a flood period.  What about those “cooling ponds” sitting there with radioactive used nuclear fuel rods?   Are we sure they wouldn’t get mixed up in the flood waters? Christina Macpherson

(I sent a comment to THE AUSTRALIAN along these lines.  Dunno if they’re going to print it.)

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THE AUSTRALIAN spruiks nuke plants for Australia

The pre-eminent voice in the Australian debate, Ziggy Switkowski, chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, believes Australia can have its first reactor operating by 2020 and 50 in place by 2050, providing 90 per cent of the nation’s energy needs….

Nuclear option our safest bet Josh Frydenberg  The Australian  January 26, 2011 “……Minister for Energy and Resources, Martin Ferguson, an outspoken proponent of nuclear energy, is in Washington this week for talks with US Energy Secretary Steven Chu…. as a clean form of energy, nuclear power is better for the environment….

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Nuclear accident at Sellafield would be much worse than Chernobyl

Actual meteorological data from 2008 suggests wind direction and heavy precipitation would disperse fallout that was seven times worse than 1986’s Chernobyl accident.

Sellafield potential disaster for Norwegian food industry , The Foreigner — Norwegian News in English, by Michael Sandelson and Nicoleta-Madalina Sincan  25th January 2011 An accident at Britain’s Sellafield nuclear processing plant could have catastrophic consequences for western Norway’s food production, according to a new report. Continue reading

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Aboriginal artists put spotlight on Northern Territory Intervention

….“The NT Intervention contravenes 25 articles under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and 20 articles under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights……..Whatever your opinion of the Intervention, this show will inform and provoke.

iNTervention Intervention
Curated by Teena McCarthy and Brendan Penzer
The Vanishing Point gallery
565 King Street, Newtown, Sydney
January 13-30

Artists challenge NT intervention whitewashing | Green Left Weekly, January 25, 2011 By Lauren Carrol Harris, Sydney “……..iNTervention Intervention, an art exhibition featuring the response by artists to the ongoing Northern Territory intervention into Aboriginal communities, brings the spotlight back on a crucial but rarely discussed political issue. Continue reading

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Electric cars – Australia could be a manufacturing leader

Australia, take note….How better to reinvigorate the Australian auto-industry, and cope with skyrocketing petrol expenses, than to evolve to the future of car-buyer demand, especially when it’s so clearly foreseeable? A switch to EV production is the inevitable solution……Are Australian-owned infrastructure companies missing out on a glaring opportunity under their very noses?

Don’t put the brake on electric vehicles in Oz January 24, 2011   Crikey Alice Body The wheels aren’t just turning on the electric vehicle (EV); the whole industry is accelerating thanks to a major new initiative by the Chinese government. Continue reading

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2010 a slump year for Australia’s uranium

Poor year for Australian uranium, World Nuclear News, 25 January 2011 Australia’s uranium production took a hit during 2010, with the lowest volumes since 1998.

Total production was 6957 tonnes of uranium oxide (5899 tonnes of uranium, tU), compared to a high of 10,277 tonnes (8715 tU) in 2008, after problems including high rainfall at Energy Resources of Australia’s Ranger mine and the mid-year haulage system accident at BHP-Billiton’s Olympic Dam……Poor year for Australian uranium

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Green energy will power ahead in South West Victoria

Federal Government legislation means wind farms and other renewable power sources will continue to be built.

‘Huge demand’ to continue for green energy, ABC South West Vic – Australian Broadcasting Corporation January 25, 2011 The Clean Energy Council says a drop in the number of households paying for renewable power will not affect the development of green energy projects in south-west Victoria Continue reading

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