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Renewable energy CAN provide “base load” power

The authors quash the myth that solar and wind are unreliable for “base load” energy. “The most important thing is to combine renewable energy sources into a bundle,”…..The first commercial solar power plants are already in operation with heat storage, allowing the plant to maintain power production 24/7……..

A carbon neutral solar and wind powered world in 20 to 40 years?, Indybay, by Takver –  Jan 26th, 2011 Is it achievable? You bet! All it takes is the political and social will to make it happen says two California based researchers who have just published a study of the material resources and technology required to power the world 100 per cent by carbon emission neutral alternative energy technologies. Continue reading

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Australia’s Nuclear Free Future: theme for January

Australia, with its enormous resources of sun, wind and wave, and of educated people,  has a great opportunity to lead the world, – to:

  • Take a positive role in combatting climate change
  • Conserve its fragile environment, land and water
  • Provide thousands of interesting, healthy, and forward-looking jobs
  • Develop a thriving export industry in renewables and renewable know-how

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A realistic answer to Josh Frydenberg’s pro nuclear article

Seriously, let’s get down to brass tacks: would there be a nuclear power station in what is now Australia’s third-biggest city? Where exactly within SEQ would you put it? What would happen if there was a “rain event” like 2011 or 1974? What would happen to a nuclear reactor in a “fire event” like Victoria 2009? Can you promise that a nuclear future won’t feature fire and rain on that scale?

Don’t be shy, Politically homeless, 26 Jan 2011, We at the Politically Homeless Institute warned against inserting Josh Frydenberg into key national debates. Quarantining him at The Australian was a smart move but insufficient. In THE AUSTRALIAN 26/01 /2011)   he’s going on about nuclear power…… Continue reading

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Uranium company’s privacy rates above public’s information!

The Nanaimo Port Authority said…the port cannot release details of shipments that might hurt the competitiveness of some companies. “We have to respect corporations’ needs for private business…….

(Canada) Environmental group raises alarm over shipment of spilled uranium that was docked off Ladysmith, Times Colonist,  By DUSTIN WALKER, Postmedia News January 24, 2011 NANAIMO — A shipment of partially spilled uranium concentrate that was docked offshore from Ladysmith for a few days raises questions about what kinds of hazardous materials are being shipped through B.C. waters, Continue reading

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Australia seems blind to the economic benefits of renewable energy

Australia, in contrast, is far behind. Just 25 per cent of new energy-generation capacity is renewable. Why?..The traditional economic modelling in Australia flies in the face of global predictions…

Australia last on green energy, RAY WILLS, The West Australian January 27, 2011, Around the world, growth in renewable energy is now greater than any other energy investment – but not in Australia. Continue reading

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India’s Nuclear Liability law throws a spanner in nuclear industry’s works

[India]  recently bowled the global nuclear power industry – and possibly itself – an unexpected googly by adopting a civil nuclear liability law that will hold suppliers liable for any accident for up to 80 years after a plant’s construction….Many countries with nuclear power industries channel potential liability in case of an accident to operators. India’s very different law has sent nuclear companies into a spin.

Nuclear industry: Government bowls sector a surprise googly,, By Amy Kazmin in New Delhi January 26 2011 Continue reading

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Asia turning to renewable energy, Australia’s coal industry will decline

These powerful Asian economies will decarbonise through the mass deployment of renewable energy, electric vehicles and other clean technologies. These combined efforts mean that demand for Australian coal will decline dramatically in the decades ahead.

King Coal will be dethroned, and BHP should align itself with the carbon revolt, Sydney Morning Herald, Matthew Wright, January 27, 2011 This decade will mark the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era.Countries that are taking rapid action on climate change are reshaping the global commodities market. Coal is now among Australia’s largest exports but demand for the commodity will drop as the global economy shifts to renewable energy. This represents a risk and an opportunity for Australia and its miners. Continue reading

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Obama’s “clean” nuclear energy will help foreign firms, not USA’s

Ironically, Obama’s “handing out money” from hardworking American taxpayers to the filthy rich nuclear power industry, in the form of current and impending U.S. taxpayer-backed loan guarantee offers, would benefit foreign firms and governments……Numerous anti-nuclear groups responded immediately to Obama’s “Nukespeak,” including Friends of the Earth, Chicago-based Nuclear Energy Information Service (NEIS), Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), and the Sierra Club of Connecticut’s Anti-Nuclear Committee.

Obama calls nuclear power “clean energy” in State of the Union, Beyond Nuclear, 27 Jan 2011, “……..Obama equated nuclear power to being as “clean” as renewables like wind and solar, despite the “routine” and “accidental” radioactive and toxic releases (as well as greenhouse gas emissions) at each and every step of the uranium fuel chain, from mining to milling, processing, conversion, enrichment, fuel fabrication, reactor operations, decommissioning, and radioactive waste storage and disposal. Continue reading

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Australian floods show business need for renewable energy

expect to see considerably more naturally-induced disturbances to supply chains as in Australia earlier this month………..Ultimately, as the climate becomes more volatile, renewables will become more valuable not only as a deterrent but also as a means of mitigating the supply chain impacts of increasingly frequent natural disasters.

A Lesson from the Great Australian Floods, Americans for Energy Leadership, Michael Craig 26 Jan 2011, Renewable energy has been put forth as the solution to a myriad of problems, some of which have received more attention than others…… One such neglected benefit, though, now merits much greater significance than has been previously accorded it given the tremendous floods that ravaged eastern Australia earlier this year: a hedge against marketplace volatility. Continue reading

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AREVA Medusa’s nuclear tentacles to go undersea

ecological associations have wasted no time in highlighting the dangers. According to Greenpeace, nothing has been finalised on a technical level or in terms of safety.

Underwater nuclear plant on the Basque coast? – EiTB News World, Frederik Verbeke – 01/25/2011, French naval defence specialists are planning to build a number of small underwater nuclear power plants.

The central reactor, dubbed Flexblue, will be erected in Cherbourg (northeast France) and the first prototype will be ready by 2013. Continue reading

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