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THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper should be renamed the ANTI AUSTRALIAN

Every so rarely, THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper publishes a clear, logical and well researched article on climate or nuclear power.

Ever so often, THE AUSTRALIAN gives prominent voice to Australia’s most highly paid nuclear lobby advertising man, Ziggy Switkowski, and to climate change denier, Lord Monckton. As well as to various others, such as Tony Abbott,who are in the service of multinational fossil fuel lobbies, and the USA military-industrial complex.

Australia can be likened to the canary in the cage in old time underground mines. That is, Australia is, of all the developed countries, the first to show the extreme effects of global warming.

These effects are hitting us now. How will they hit our grandchildren? How will a nuclear waste import industry affect our grandchildren?

THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper does not care. It helps the polluters by confusing the public. One might imagine that THE AUSTRALIAN, as or only national newspaper, might have some duty to the Australian people. Apparently not. That is why it should be renamed THE ANTI AUSTRALIAN – news for the benefit of the polluters.

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Crikey’s Graham Readfern refutes climate sceptic Lord Monckton

the core of what sceptics such as Monckton wish to achieve in their ideologically-driven and fossil-fuel backed quest (including Exxon funding). That mission is to spread doubt and it is being aided by our only national newspaper The Australian.

Is The Australian addicted to Monckton’s denial? January 28, 2011 ,  Crikey,  Graham Readfearn His choice of the Gershwin song It Ain’t Necessarily So was unfortunate, if not a little ironic. Continue reading

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