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Repression of anti nuclear protestors in India

………The state has unleashed savage repression on Jaitapur’s people. It routinely arrests and serves externment notices to peaceful protesters, and promulgates prohibitory orders, under which eminent citizens like former Navy chief L. Ramdas and former Supreme Court judge P.B. Sawant were barred from Jaitapur, and former Bombay High Court judge B.G. Kolse-Patil was detained for five days without being produced before a magistrate within 24 hours.

Others have had false charges framed against them,

Nuclear trouble in Maharashtra, The Daily Star, 3 Feb 2011, Praful Bidwai “……….

Jaitapur will become the world’s largest nuclear power station, generating 9,900 MW, or more than double India’s current nuclear capacity (4,780 MW). It will also wreck 40,000 people’s livelihoods and generate electricity that” three to five times costlier than power from other sources, thus magnifying the economic disaster called Enron, also located in Ratnagiri. Continue reading

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Martin Ferguson shows his true colours as nuclear salesman

Mr Ferguson said nuclear power was making great strides. “It is a proven clean-energy technology,” he told The Australian yesterday. “In a very short period, it will get cheaper (!)…..

Ferguson steps up push for nuclear energy The Australian,  Christian Kerr February 03, 2011 AUSTRALIA could be contemplating nuclear power in as little as four years, according to Energy Minister Martin Ferguson. Continue reading

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Now is the critical time to face up to real cost of climate change

Some argue that as we struggle to get the economy back to full strength, we cannot afford to address these problems. The reality is, we can’t afford not to……

(USA) At the Crossroads: Floods, Fires and Another Teachable Moment, THE HUFFINGTON POST, William S. Becker, 3 Feb 2011“…….The National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 leaves no doubt that it is the federal government’s responsibility to help the nation mitigate climate change. Continue reading

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Australia’s mining companies spent $22 million to get rid of Prime Minister Rudd

The industry’s national body, the Minerals Council of Australia, spent $17.2 million, mainly on TV advertisements; BHP Billiton spent $4.2 million; Rio Tinto just over $537,000,…

A snip at $22m to get rid of PM, The Age, Mark Davis, February 2, 2011 HOW much does it cost to bring down a prime minister? The answer: a tad over $22 million. Continue reading

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Flood risk to uranium mine

Beach study warns of risk if uranium mine floods By Aaron Applegate The Virginian-Pilot, February 2, 2011 Massive flooding near a proposed uranium mine in south-central Virginia could temporarily contaminate Virginia Beach’s water supply, a city study released Tuesday found.City officials oppose mining a Pittsylvania County hilltop rich in uranium, fearing a hurricane or tropical storm could destroy landfill-like containers holding radioactive waste and flush contaminants into Lake Gaston, a main source of city water.
The state is exploring lifting a 29-year ban on uranium mining for the Pittsylvania project, about 200 miles from Virginia Beach……Tom Leahy, director of public utilities.  said flooding from past hurricanes, including Camille in 1969, show the area is at risk…..Beach study warns of risk if uranium mine floods | |

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