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Julian Assange nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

“Liu Xiabao was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year for his struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom of speech in China, Likewise: WikiLeaks have contributed to the struggle for those very values globally, by exposing (among many other things) corruption, war crimes and torture.”

Julian Assange nominated for Peace TECHWATCH, by Tom Coyne, February 3, 2011, Julian Assange, founder of the whistle blowing website, Wikileaks, has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize Continue reading

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America’s right wing angry attack on Julian Assange

WikiLeaks: How US political invective turned on ‘anti-American’ Julian Assange The Guardian…... demonstrates how ‘US blood on hands’ of website’s founder got fainter and fainter  Luke Harding and David Leigh,  The Guardian,  3 February 2011
As the cables rolled out day by day, an ugly, and in many ways deranged, backlash took place in the US. Continue reading

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“Our Generation” – film shows NT intervention as land grab for uranium mining

What lay behind the government’s action? “We believe that this government is using child sexual abuse as the Trojan horse to resume total control of our lands,” argues Pat Turner of the National Indigenous Television station.

Saban goes on to note that Australia holds vast mineral resources, including 40 per cent of the world’s uranium, and that mining is the Northern Territory’s largest industry.

Our GenerationMorning Star (UK) Directed by Sinem Saban  01 February 2011, by Ian Sinclair “………..The documentary’s central focus is the Canberra government’s controversial “intervention” in Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory in 2007. Continue reading

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Another good reason to change Australia Day – ANSTO

ANSTO gets behind Australia Day, ANSTO 25 Jan 2011, “…..Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)  is once again proud to be associated with the Sutherland Shire Australia Day celebrations. It is also an opportunity to imagine a better future for all Australians…..”As well as being Australia’s birthday, its a little known fact that 26 January is also the anniversary of the day in 1958 when Australia’s first nuclear reactor achieved a self-sustainable chain reaction here at Lucas Heights. We have been an integral part of the
local region ever since.”…..As well as being a major sponsor, ANSTO will provide fun merchandise at the event ANSTO | ANSTO gets behind Australia Day

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Local community joins in court action against extending life of nuclear plants

Greenpeace’s 73-page case file, which was handed in to the Karlsruhe court on Thursday in cooperation with residents’ groups living near the nuclear plants, argues that the nuclear sites were inadequately protected against plane crashes and that safe nuclear waste disposal was not yet possible.

Greenpeace brings nuclear plant lifespan law to Germany’s highest court , Deutsche Welle, Darren Mara (dpa, AP), 3 Feb 2011, Residents living near a handful of Germany’s nuclear plants, along with environmental group Greenpeace, have filed a case with the constitutional court over a new law extending the lifespan of the nuclear plants. Continue reading

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Fossill fuel interests prevent Australia’s renewable energy takeoff

abundant and cheap fossil fuels,  have locked it into a high-carbon energy future. ...Australia has some of the world’s best wind resources along its southern coastlines as well as the highest average solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world.

Australian renewable industry held back by politics, Renewable Energy Focus, 03 February 2011, Lack of a cohesive national policy is restricting the development of renewable energy in Australia, according to Datamonitor.By Isabella Kaminski

A report by independent market analyst Datamonitor claims that the Australian renewable industry cannot make significant progress until legislation changes, despite the country’s abundant renewable energy resources. Continue reading

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