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Radioactive waste dump protest taken to Martin Ferguson’s office

Radioactive waste dump protest at Martin Ferguson’s office | Indymedia Australia, 20 Jan 2011, Around 50 people demonstrated at Resource Minister, Martin Ferguson’s office against a dump at Muckaty on January 17th. Three days before Christmas the government concluded a sham committee inquiry endorsing Martin Ferguson’s plans to dump nuclear waste at Muckaty in the NT Traditional Owners were not given the opportunity to speak to the committee or even to lodge a submission. Ferguson continues to refuse requests to meet with Traditional Owners opposed to the dump.
Traditional Owners have initiated legal action in the Federal Court yet it seems likely that Ferguson will push ahead with his Radioactive Waste Management Bill early in 2011. The Bill overides state and territory laws, it overrides important federal Aboriginal heritage and environmental legislation, and it enshrines Muckaty as the only site under consideration despite the opposition of many Traditional Owners, the NT Government and many others. Radioactive waste dump protest at Martin Ferguson’s office | Indymedia Australia

February 9, 2011 - Posted by | General News

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