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South Australian facing opposition on Arkaroola uranium mining

The Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary is a recognised sanctuary under the South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Act and is an “Environmental Class A Zone” under the Development Act.

Uranium threat to pristine sanctuary, Green Left, February 13, 2011 By Sean Brocklehurst, Adelaide

“…..It isn’t often that socialists, Greens, Liberals and NGOs agree on an issue. But that is the case regarding uranium exploration in the Arkaroola region in the Flinders Ranges, 700 kilometres north of Adelaide. Continue reading

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India’s Jaitapur nuclear plant does not make economic sense

serious questions about the economic cost of the project….The cost estimate, however, does not include fuel or maintenance costs, storage of hundreds of tonnes of the nuclear waste generated annually; also the cost of reactor decommissioning, which could amount to one-third to one-half of the construction cost…It also does not include the extensive additional physical security costs,

Power from Jaitapur nuclear plant won’t come cheap, Feb 14, 2011,  By Alok Deshpande  Mumbai |  DNA The electricity generated from the proposed 9,900 MW Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project (JNPP) will be double, even triple the cost of electricity from coal- or gas-fired plants, Continue reading

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Australia: the nuclear hypocrite

the likelihood is that Australian uranium has found its way into nuclear weapons, clandestinely or otherwise…..Heathgate is a fully owned subsidiary of the US multinational General Atomics, whose interests in developing nuclear technologies include arms manufacture:

History of hypocrisy on uranium, Sydney Morning Herald, Robin Gerster, February 14, 2011

“…..What the WikiLeak does highlight is the history of hypocrisy in Australia’s policy on the associated matter of uranium and nuclear power, especially when the governing party has been the ALP, which struggles to resolve its moral and intellectual confusion. Continue reading

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Egypt’s secretive nuclear operations

Why has Egypt never come clean about the full scope of its nuclear activities and experimentation?..In the months and years ahead, the United States must ensure that Egypt’s dormant nuclear ambitions stay that way.

Egypt’s Nuclear Dimension, THE HUFFINGTON POST, Joe Cirincione, 13 Feb 2011, As a free Egypt transforms itself, analysts are nervously watching for signs of new nuclear ambitions. Continue reading

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Wikileaks: secret military spy satellite deals, Australia and USA

A leaked cable from February 2008 revealed a secret deal between the Australian and US governments to share secret intelligence from spy satellites,….The operations went against statements in the DWP. Then-defence department deputy secretary Mike Pezzullo told US diplomats the DWP had been carefully written to fool the ALP “Left” faction — which opposes US plans to develop a missile defence shield.

WikiLeaks exposes Aus. gov’t, Green Left, February 13, 2011By Ash Pemberton WikiLeaks has released secret US diplomatic cables that show secret Australian government negotiations Continue reading

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South Australia: battle looms to save Arkaroola from uranium mining

Sanctuary becomes a battleground Brad Crouch, Sunday Mail (SA) , February 13, 2011 A MAMMOTH environmental battle is brewing in the Flinders Ranges, as supporters of the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary fight to keep it from being turned into a uranium mine.————- Continue reading

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Australia’s finance sector can address climate change

Renewable power is in our hands, Sydney Morning Herald, Paddy Manning, February 12, 2011 “…….Funds must factor in climate change  Only the finance sector has enough power to take on Australia’s resources industry, but will it? Continue reading

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