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Latest moves by Australia’s nuclear pushers

They put the cigarette and drug pushers to shame – with the speed and breadth of Australia’s nuclear power marketers.

Today (22/2/11) the Australian Federal Government will hastily vote, without debate, on Martin Ferguson’s National Radioactive Waste Management Bill, – a piece of legislation which will give that same Martin Ferguson pretty much unfettered power in all decisions surrounding nuclear waste.  But more importantly, it will beat the Aboriginal legal action, due to be heard in court on 25/2/11.

Also today, the launch of nuclear front group ThinkClimate’s campaign to promote nuclear power – starring  pseudo environmentalists Barry Brooks and Ben Heard.

Also today, a silly little nuclear promotion and attack on solar energy, from a new kind of pusher – yes, we have an American style shock jock, at Noosa News.


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Muckaty nuclear waste dump legislation to be rushed through today without any debate

Muckaty legislation expected to be voted on in the House of Reps today (22/2) around 5.30 pm….no further debate expected, just a vote beyondnuclear

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Australian government rush to legalise nuclear dump on Aboriginal land

He accused the government of attempting to ram legislation through parliament before traditional owners, who are opposed to the dump at Muckaty, launch legal action in the federal court on Friday.

Nuclear dump report a whitewash – Bandt Herald Sun: AAP * February 21, 2011 AUSTRALIA’S first radioactive waste dump has been subject to less oversight than would be deemed appropriate for construction of a car park, parliament has been told. Continue reading

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Plane crash risk to nuclear plants

this is the first time that it has been officially admitted that plane crashes could cause a nuclear disaster, and raises questions about the safety of nuclear plants around the UK

Nuclear risk from plane crashes is higher than estimated, inquiry shows A plane crash could trigger a ‘significant radiological release’, according to an inquiry into the expansion of Lydd airport in Kent, Rob Edwards,   21 February 2011 The risk that planes will crash into nuclear plants and release potentially lethal clouds of radioactivity is significantly higher than official estimates, according to expert evidence to a public inquiry. Continue reading

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Federal Country Liberal MP stands up for Northern Territory against nuclear waste dump

“The whole point is that I represent the Territory in Canberra, not Canberra in the Territory.”..…….The NT Environment Centre yesterday said the new law would undermine the Territory environment and the democratic rights of Territorians.

Griggs fights nuclear dump, NT News, NIGEL ADLAM | February 22nd, 2011 A TERRITORY federal MP is to vote against forcing the NT to house a nuclear waste dump. Member for Solomon Natasha Griggs has said she will vote against a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory Continue reading

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Australian Government secretive on airport radiation scanners

public health and security experts remain divided on the risks of radiation exposure and whether the machines provide anything more than “security theatre”….no material has been released for public discussion.

Controversial body scanners set for airport security Karen Dearne  The Australian  February 22,THE Gillard government is preparing to introduce virtual strip-search scanners at airports despite unresolved privacy issues and fears about the $28.5 million program. Continue reading

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Nuclear power unsustainable – in itself requires huge energy input

the amount of fossil energy fuel needed to extract and then refine the uranium is even more reason that nuclear power will prove unsustainable in freeing the world from fossil fuels…….Within 60 years, the energy needed to get fuel for nuclear power will be the same as the energy it can make.

Nuclear Power Continues World Dependence on Middle East Oil | Green Prophet, 21 Feb 2011, Out of the frying pan…In its haste to free itself from oil-powered electricity, during the Arab oil shocks of the ”70s, France switched to nuclear energy. It had been vulnerable in its dependence on the Middle East, and moved to nuclear to free itself of the risk from more oil shocks. Since then, it has been the poster child nation for nuclear energy, getting almost 80% of its electricity from nuclear power. It must be in good shape to weather the bumpy exit from the oil age, right?

Wrong. Continue reading

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Nuclear submarines for Australia? a pipedream

the issue of US bases might be about to re-emerge as a hot-button political issue….Nuclear submarines are a pipedream.

Conflict looms over US military presence in Australia – Unleashed (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Adam Lockyer and Rob Muir, 22 Feb 2011, For two decades, the issue of US bases in Australia has remained dormant. The Government and community seem to have become comfortable with their presence, as long as they are perceived as passive. Continue reading

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Solar Power is NOT the villain in electricity price rises

What’s really quite puzzling is the AIG report clearly states renewable energy is not the villain in electricity price rises, yet all these reports have popped up referencing their statement inferring that small scale solar power is.”…………..
“Aside from the environmental benefits, home solar power is incredibly good value for private and public money and plays a very important role in Australia’s renewable energy mix –

Solar Power And Electricity Prices – Clearing The Air Renewable Energy News by Energy Matters, 21 Feb 2011, Solar power and electricity pricesIt’s been inaccurately reported this morning by some media sources that an analysis from the Australia Industry Group has pointed the finger at home solar power subsidy programs being a major contributor to electricity price rises. Continue reading

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