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Earth Hour’s message towards a Conserver Society

Some environmentalists dismiss Earth Hour as pretty much irrelevant to the global warming crisis, and to the issue of nuclear energy.

But I think that they are wrong. Earth Hour in itself might mean just a temporary drop in energy use, worldwide. But during Earth Hour, people realise how they can manage quite well, using less energy.

This is a subversive message – for it contradicts the whole “philosophy” behind society’s present rampant consumerism,
and ever-growing need to use more energy.

If the Consumer Society were to change to a Conserver Society, then the planet and its atmosphere would be treated with respect. Greenhouse gas emissions would diminish, and it would be obvious that nuclear energy is not needed. The nuclear lobby thrives on ever-growing consumption of energy and material “goods” – Christina Macpherson

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The nuclear lobby says radiation is safe – don’t believe it!

...A big part of the spin surrounding the Fukushima crisis is the claim − or the unstated, implicit assumption − that low level radiation exposures are ‘safe’ or ‘harmless’.

It is far too early to be attempting those calculations for Fukushima, but we can apply the logic to Chernobyl. Total radiation exposure from Chernobyl was 600,000 Sieverts according to the International Atomic Energy Agency and thus an estimated 24,000 people will die, nearly all of them because of cancers induced by low level radiation exposure.

Don’t let the nuclear industry tell you radiation’s safe The Punch, Jim Green, 25 March, 11,  “……..To its great shame, the Australian uranium industry sat on its hands and did nothing even as it was revealed that TEPCO had systematically and routinely falsified safety data and breached safety regulations for decades, Continue reading

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Fukushima shows success of nuclear – says Ziggy Spinowski

……That the plant remains largely intact is extraordinary….there is no report of a nuclear-related fatality nor any case of radiation sickness from exposure to elevated radioactivity……media coverage of this nuclear crisis has taught Australians more about the nuclear fuel cycle,…nuclear power remains the best and only option.

Japan crisis teaches much about value of nuclear Ziggy Switkowski  Herald Sun * March 25, 2011 WHY build nuclear power stations in Japan? Because that’s where the people are – 126 million in a habitable area smaller than Victoria. Continue reading

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“Regulatory Capture” – the nuclear industry regulates itself

Nuclear power is a textbook example of the problem of “regulatory capture” — in which an industry gains control of an agency meant to regulate it. Regulatory capture can be countered only by vigorous public scrutiny and Congressional oversight, but in the 32 years since Three Mile Island, interest in nuclear regulation has declined precipitously.

from  The New York Times today.25 March 11, by  Von Hippel, a nuclear physicist and professor of public and international affairs at Princeton, is also co-chairman of the International Panel on Fissile Materials.

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Bleak prospects for Australia’s uranium industry

Ord Minnett senior resources analyst Peter Arden says the negative outlook for the uranium sector may be very prolonged. The disaster had fractured confidence in the resources sector as a whole and this damage would not be repaired quickly, Mr Arden said..Mr Gillham said the movement against developing nuclear power plants in Australia was likely to grow.

Uranium sector negativity likely prolonged, Sydney Morning Herald, Rebecca Le MayMarch 18, 2011  “…….Morningstar senior research analyst Mark Taylor said the near-term outlook for the uranium market was negative Continue reading

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“Nuclear Future” an oxymoron?

Nuclear reactors are not evil: they produce the power that runs the modern world. They are present on every continent, often near urban and industrial megacomplexes. This is prima facie good……But nuclear reactors are the devil, because in our critically unstable world we cannot be sure of remaining in a position to control them.Is it reasonable to stake our future on a devilishly uncontrollable, potentially lethal technology?….Could it be that “our nuclear future” is an oxymoron?

Pact With the Devil — Thoughts on Our Nuclear Future , HUFFINGTON POST, Ervin Laszlo, 25 March 11,
“………. staking our future on nuclear power is a pact with the devil. Spokesmen for the nuclear lobby claim nuclear reactors are safe. Continue reading

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