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For unspoilt Tasmania, nuclear power is not a good look

Nuclear not for Tassie   The Mercury – The Voice of Tasmania, 26 March 11, “……..If  Tasmania is to become an island famed worldwide for its niche and high-quality food, fish and wine products; creative, scientific and artistic talent; unspoilt heritage and unique wilderness and tourism experiences, it is also worth considering that a nuclear power station may not be such a good look or brand fit. Continue reading

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Australia’s ‘nuclear debate’ – it’s all over, red rover

Will they look voters in the face at the next election and say I want a nuclear power station in your electorate?”The recent terrible events in Japan and the ongoing emergency at the Fukushima nuclear power plant have shown very clearly the dangers of nuclear energy and why we should not go down this path in our country.”

Nuclear debate in Australia over: Bandt | Greens MPs,  26 March 11, Greens MP Adam Bandt has told the Parliament that the nuclear debate in Australia is now over.In a speech last night discussing the emergency at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, Mr Bandt said other MPs, who just three weeks ago were strongly advocating nuclear power, were now silent. Continue reading

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Travellers from Tokyo showed high radiation levels

High radiation levels in Japanese travellers to China, Sify News, Beijing, March 26 (IANS) Two Japanese travellers who had flown into an eastern city in China from Tokyo had radiation levels well above safety limits, officials said.The travellers who flew into Wuxi city in Jiangsu province had radiation levels that ‘seriously exceeded the limit’, according to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.They came from Nagano and Saitama prefectures in Japan, the agency said.An official in Wuxi said: ‘It (radiation) was on their clothes, it has not affected their bodies.’This discovery marked the first time that contamination from the nuclear crisis reached the Chinese mainland, the Shanghai Daily said.The agency said the Japanese nationals were given medical treatment and now pose no risk to others. High radiation levels in Japanese travellers to China

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Gladstone “ideal” for Australia’s first nuclear power plant

Chairman backs nuclear power |Gladstone Observer, 26 March 11, NUCLEAR power is a crucial ingredient in Australia’s energy future, says Everald Compton, chairman of the Australian Transport and Energy Corridor.“I am a total believer in the fact this country should have nuclear power,” he said yesterday.Speaking at the Region of Choice Summit in Gladstone, Mr Compton said Australia was well-positioned to establish nuclear power plants.
He said Gladstone could be an ideal region to act as pioneer, although he acknowledged it would take somebody “courageous” to campaign for the move towards nuclear……Chairman backs nuclear power | Gladstone News | Local News in Gladstone | Gladstone Observer

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Fukushima workers hospitalised due to radiation exposure

Two of the three have been hospitalised due to possible burns caused by beta rays, which can cause major skin damage…..

Reactor workers exposed to radioactive water , – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 25 March 11, Water that three workers were exposed to at Japan’s crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant contained radioactive materials 10,000 times the normal level, the plant’s operator said. Continue reading

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Ziggy’s nuclear plans for Tasmania now thwarted

It all seemed a long way from the heady days of December 2006, when former Telstra head, nuclear physicist and chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Ziggy Switkowski, produced a report for the Howard government on the prospects and opportunities for nuclear power in Australia.

He concluded 25 nuclear reactors could be built around Australia’s coast….One nuclear power plant was pencilled in for the Tamar River north of Launceston or on the nearby Bass Strait coast, near the undersea Basslink power-cable link to Victoria.

Nuclear not for Tassie The Mercury – The Voice of Tasmania, SUE NEALES   March 26, 2011 “……..Prime Minister Julia Gillard ….has firmly told Resources Minister Martin Ferguson, a keen proponent of nuclear energy’s potential for Australia ……that there will be no renewed nuclear power debate any time soon. Continue reading

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