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Barry Brook reassures on the future of the nuclear industry

Professor Barry Brook, the director of Climate Science at Australian University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute, said that the crisis will lead international governments to improved measures to protect nuclear plants against extreme natural events, but is unlikely to cut down the use of nuclear power…..”I think overtime people will become more understanding of small risk and big benefits that nuclear brings,”

Japan’s nuclear crisis is mainly public panic, not radiation risk: Australian expert By Vienna MaCANBERRA, March 26 (Xinhua) Japan’s nuclear crisis was mainly public panic, not radiation risk, an Australian expert told Xinhua, expressing optimism over the future development of international nuclear industry. Continue reading

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Uranium marketers flogging a dead horse

the developed world will eventually turn very sharply away from nuclear energy

Is Uranium A Buy Again? Beware of These Radioactive Stocks ETF DAILY NEWS, by George Wolff, 27 March 11, “………The industry’s future is “red hot” according to CBS Business News writer David Phillips. Cameco and other uranium miners are already spending heavily on the construction of new mines and processing facilities. They’re still scrambling in anticipation of the global nuclear boom which seemed so inevitable before the Japanese disaster..

….But, in the wake of the Japanese crisis, I believe that the optimists touting a rebound in the nuclear industry are premature at best. At worst, they may be flogging a dead horse. Continue reading

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Australia touted as global centre for uranium industry

in WA  last week the state Labor Party announced it would review its anti-nuclear stance, with a report due to be released in June………nuclear power and the uranium industry is not going to be hit as hard as many thought even a fortnight ago.

Uranium watch shows the future is still nuclear, Sydney Morning Herald James KirbyMarch 27, 2011 “..….Australia is a global centre of uranium production. Continue reading

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The nuclear industry can be all but written off

Nuclear power likely casualty in tide of change, NZ Herald News, By Anthony Doesburg  Mar 28, 2011. Nuclear power can be all but written off in the wake of Japan’s reactor emergency, believes the director of energy studies at Otago University. Continue reading

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