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‘Regulatory Capture’ and ‘Objectivity’ – important words

First – a new term – Regulatory Capture came up this week, in the documentary “Inside Job”.    Here, it was used to show how Wall Street executives got their agenda into financial regulations, and into University courses on Economics.

Well, the same must be said about the nuclear industry.  Nuclear physicists and nuclear company men manage the rules, and  pronounce on matters nuclear.This is Regulatory Capture.  (It’s about as impartial as expecting the Pope and Cardinals to decide whether or not God and the saints exist.)

Second ‘Objectivity‘. This is a very worthy word, used by a top BBC executive recently to explain the BBC’s approach to current issues. It means that they weigh up opinions, and decide to focus on the ones with credible evidence.

If only Australia’s ABC and media had that focus.  Instead, we get ‘Balance” – meaning that however crackpot and minority a view may be, it must get equal coverage with the opposing scientifically credible view.

Perhaps this is one cause of Australians’ lamentable lack of understanding on the issue of climate change – as our media makes sure to give plenty of coverage to the likes of Lord Monckton and Ian Plimer – Christina Macpherson

March 29, 2011 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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