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Australia’s seizure of Aboriginal land for uranium mining

……..mining has a lot to do with the Northern Territory Intervention. Australia has 23% of the world’s known uranium deposits……Since the Intervention, the Territory’s government has allocated AU$14.4 million to expanding its mining industry....

communities have been offered homes in exchange for 40 year leases. Thus, the Intervention, has wrested indigenous land from its owners by force and bribed indigenous communities to barter their rights for basic amenities

the seizures of their land, the bribes to get them to hand over control of more land, and the attempts to shift them from outstations are not about protecting children or building new homes. They are about getting access to mineral wealth and sweeping indigenous people out of the way in order to do so..

Aboriginal Peoples Lose Rights and Mineral Rich Land in Northern Territory Intervention. The Women’s International Perspective , Sarah Irving, 1 April 11, “……..indigenous voices heard in Our Generation, an important new film documenting the impact of the ‘Northern Territory Emergency Response.’ Continue reading

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Fukushima a greater nuclear disaster than Chernobyl

Chernobyl was level seven and it had only one reactor and lasted only two weeks. We have now three weeks (at Fukushima) and we have four reactors which we know are in very dangerous situations,”

Fukushima ‘much bigger than Chernobyl’, says Russian nuclear activist | Herald SunApril 02, 2011 JAPAN’S unfolding nuclear disaster is “much bigger than Chernobyl” and could rewrite the international scale used to measure the severity of atomic accidents, a Russian expert says.”Chernobyl was a dirty bomb explosion. The next dirty bomb is Fukushima and it will cost much more in economic and human terms,” Continue reading

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Nuclear power suspended, solar increased, in China

It is great to see that it is not only cutting back on nuclear expansion (which is a very risky option until someone learns how to deal with nuclear waste that lasts several times longer than humans have existed for), but that it is also increasing its solar power goals to account for this…….

China to Cut Nuclear & Increase Solar Power Goals after Japan Crisis CleanTechnica: 1 April 11, China hasn’t taken long to learn a lesson from the Japan nuclear crisis (perhaps). It is cutting its 2020 target for nuclear power and is filling in with increased solar power targets, according to an official from the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Continue reading

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Chernobyl’s legacy should be remembered

Every day there are more setbacks to solving the Japanese nuclear crisis and it’s pretty clear that the industry and governments are telling us little; have no idea how long it will take to control; or what the real risk of cumulative contamination may be.

Nuclear’s green cheerleaders forget Chernobyl at our peril Pundits who downplay the risks of radiation are ignoring the casualities of the past. Fukushima’s meltdown may be worse  John Vidal,  1 April 2011 Continue reading

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Fukushima, not the NT govt, is killing the uranium industry

The uranium mining industry is out of step with public opinion, and with the realities  of the collapsing uranium market.

The Northern Territory is the heart of Australia’s tourist industry.  The last thing it needs is to have a dirty, uneconomic market flop of a uranium mine – damaging its natural environment, and killing the tourist industry.

It’s not the Northern Territory govt that is stopping investment in uranium mining –  it’s the unfolding Fukushima nuclear disaster. – Christina Macpherson

Uranium mine resistance ‘sends bad message’  ABC The Minerals Council of Australia says the Northern Territory Government’s decision to oppose a mine near Alice Springs will deter the industry from investing……. “It send a very bad message to the industry and paints the NT in a very poor light.”…

Uranium mine resistance ‘sends bad message’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Renewable energy investment up, nuclear down

Whatever their exact outcome, the Fukushima events are likely to shift the energy policy balance toward renewables,” Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) said in a report on 28 March.

Renewable energy prospects rise with nuclear unease | EurActiv: 01 April 2011 Public unease about nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster is prompting renewed scrutiny of renewable power options by governments across the world. Continue reading

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