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Alexander Downer joins the push for an Australian nuclear waste import industry

There’s a determined little group  that continues to push for Australia to import nuclear wastes.- John White (Australia Nuclear Fuel Leasing) Ron Walker and Robert Champion de Crespigny,   (Australian Nuclear Energy) .
Now that ever smiling, former Liberal politician Alexander Downer joins them, as reported in today’s THE AUSTRALIAN

I mean – let’s face it – their plan would make an awful lot of money for a very small number of people. And the costs?  –  no problem – taxpayers from here to eternity will pay that! – Christina Macpherson

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Radioactive water risk keeps Ranger uranium mine closed

a threat of contaminated water leaking from Ranger into nearby waterways could keep the mine closed for the rest of this year….there’s no way the company will be able to safely treat the contaminated water stored at Ranger by the time the mining lease expires in 10 years….

AUDIO   AM – Traditional Aboriginal land owners pressure uranium miner to shut up shop 08/04/2011 ABC Radio National.  08/04/2011 TONY EASTLEY: The Australian company that produces 10 per cent of the world’s uranium is under increasing pressure by Aboriginal traditional owners to shut up shop.The Mirarr people own the section of the world heritage listed Kakadu National Park that includes the Ranger uranium mine operated by Energy Resources of Australia. Continue reading

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Misinformation on radiation from paid nuclear spruikers

the creeping misinformation that the nuclear industry has fed into the public sphere over the years. There seems to be a never-ending cabal of paid industry scientific ”consultants” who are more than willing to state the fringe view that low doses of ionising radiation do not cause cancer and, indeed, that low doses are actually good for you and lessen the incidence of cancer……Ionising radiation is a known carcinogen. This is based on almost 100 years of cumulative research

Don’t be fooled by the spin: radiation is bad, The Age, Peter Karamoskos, April 8, 2011 With the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl looming, the pro-nuclear lobby is in overdrive.YOU have to hand it to the nuclear industry and its acolytes. In the middle of the second-worst nuclear power disaster in history at Fukushima, and with still no end in sight, you would think they would respond with contrition, humility and profuse mea culpas. Not on your life. The industry representatives and its acolytes came out swinging in full denial attire. Continue reading

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