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Nuclear radiation – theme for April 2011

Ionising radiation is the most proven cause of cancer. The nuclear industry from uranium mining through nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear waste. is the planet’s  source of ionising radiation.  Even medical radiation has its cancer risk. Radioactive minerals left in the ground are a minor source.

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Martin Ferguson speaks with forked tongue at IRENA

Ferguson ….. spoke of Australia’s commitment to clean energy….But if you wanted to know what he really thinks about clean energy and resources, and what he thought his audience wanted to hear, you needed to read his speech to a business breakfast the following day. No prizes for guessing that the focus was on coal, LNG and uranium,

Clean out of time , Business Spectator, Giles Patkinson.  8 Apr 2011 Sometimes politicians travel so much and speak to so many different audiences that it must be easy to forget what they should be saying, and to whom. Particularly if your responsibilities straddle multiple portfolios, such as those of Martin Ferguson, the Federal Minister for Resources, Energy (both brown and green), and Tourism. Continue reading

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Investment warning on future of nuclear, uranium, industry

“We believe Fukushima could ignite a popular backlash against nuclear generation.”…“its liability insurance is effectively socialized and material questions are being raised regarding its waste products.”

Investors Warned: Fukushima Could Ignite Backlash Against U.S. Nuclear Power Industry, Forbes, – Osha Gray Davidson -Apr. 8 2011 A new report by Moody’s Investors Service has a title guaranteed to send chills through the nuclear power industry: “Re-evaluating Creditworthiness for Global Nuclear Generators.”

The report warns that “All nuclear operators…will suffer the consequences that emerge from a post Fukushima environment.” Continue reading

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