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Australia’s nuclear industries are getting rattled

The polluting industries might not have quite caught up with the Internet age, as information spreads about their unethical practices in “developing” countries.

Suddenly information is now coming out that shows that “Third World” countries are waking up to the way in which they have been exploited  by Western corporations, Australian ones included.

Today – we learn that Malaysia now has the nerve to question an Australian company, Lynas, using Malaysia as a dumping ground for 300 year-lasting radioactive thorium wastes.

And Namibia is one of those African countries that no longer feel like being impoverished while Australian uranium mining companies like Paladin, and Extract Resources rip them off.

All this on top of uranium’s gloomy prospects, anyway !- Christina Macpherson

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Australian company Lynas wants Malaysia to take its radioactive wastes

 Alarm bells were raised when a report in April questioned how Lynas was going to dispose the waste material from the plant ……

there are questions as to why Lynas did not build the plant in Australia instead if it did not pose any danger to the environment and the people? 

Baffling Perak can think of 2nd rare earth project when Japan radiation still fresh, The Star (Malaysia)  – By B.K. Sidhu   29 April 11IT is baffling that Perak can even think of accommodating a second rare earth project when the horrors of radiation in Japan are still fresh on the people’s minds and there was a major disaster involving a rare earth plant in the state just a decade ago. Continue reading

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Australian uranium mining shares tumble as Namibia wakes up to foreigners’ exploitation

 comments Minister of Mines and Energy Isak Katali made in parliament last week about the Namibian people deserving to benefit more from the country’s resources have set some investors’ nerves on edge.

Extract Resources shares drop onNamibia government plan, Apr 28,2011 MELBOURNE (Reuters)

Namibia nationalisation anxiety knocks uranium miners TORONTO ( 29 April 11,  – Uranium miner Paladin Energy moved to calm investors after its shares tumbled 7,4% on the TSX over reports that Namibia’s state-owned mining company wanted to claim all uranium mining rights, as well as other “strategic” materials… Continue reading

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Nuclear radiation, ethics, and informed consent

When industry, government, academics and some journalists try to calm public emotions by downplaying radiation risks, they often cause greater offense by disregarding the issue of informed consent.

…. behind the technical argument is an ethical one: I am not willing to wash down tiny amounts of radiation with great volumes of reassurance because I did not give consent…

Nuclear Power, Radioactive Fallout And The Issue Of Informed Consent, Forbes, Jeff McMahon, Apr. 28 2011  Radioactive fallout from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear accident has awakened debate about nuclear power’s invisible emissions, Continue reading

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Australian National University in world leading solar energy research

the new silicon cells will be cheaper to manufacture and … the technology will drive down the cost of solar electricity …Jenny Goddard chairs the Australian Solar Institute (ASI)  board…She described ANU’s solar energy research team as world leading.

New solar energy partnershipABC News, By Adrienne Francis, 29 April 11, The scarcity of high grade silicon is one of the things which pushes up the price of roof top solar panels……Researchers from The Australian National University in Canberra have found a way to use more abundant lower grade silicon components to generate electricity from sunlight. Continue reading

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A second Northern Territory Intervention, says Abbott

Abbott wants second NT intervention Herald Sun, April 28, 2011    FEDERAL Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has wrapped up a tour of Alice Springs renewing his call for a “second” indigenous intervention in the Northern Territory.

….., he wants the government to extend intervention conditions to Alice and other major centres of the Northern Territory.

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Dispelling the pro nuclear hype about Thorium

Cribb states that thorium reactors do not produce weapons grade material. This is misleading. To fuel a reactor, thorium-232 must first be converted to uranium-233, which can be used as nuclear bomb fuel. In 1955, the US detonated a weapon fuelled with U-233….. the waste would have to be stored for around 300 years …Only in the world of nuclear technology could a requirement for 300 years of dangerous waste storage be seen as an advantage.

No one talks about safe nuclear power because it doesn’t exist, Canberra Times, Dr Sue Wareham,  28 Apr, 2011 The heading on Julian Cribb’s glowing recommendation of thorium reactor research (April 26, p11) poses the question ”Why is no one talking about safe nuclear power?” The answer is that it doesn’t exist. Continue reading

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