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Australian Parliament: Greens Senator tabling call for Independent Commission on Nuclear Waste

Senator Ludlam plans to table a counter proposal calling for an independent commission to make decisions on nuclear waste disposal…..” Mr Ludlam had “real concerns about the obsession the government has with location the material at remote Aboriginal sites”.

NT nuclear waste dump plan forges ahead 9 NEWS,  May 7 2011 By Fiona Willan, “…….WA-based Australian Greens senator Scott Ludlam told ninemsn it was “grossly inappropriate” for the nuclear waste dump to be debated in Parliament while there was an ongoing court case over the proposed land. Continue reading

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Australian Politics – Secret Deals on Nuclear Waste Importing

“We would return an enormous amount of money’ – Bob Hawke

Mr Sweeney said there was a bi-partisan push for nuclear waste dumping….“We are seeing increasing amounts of back-room deals in the wake of Fukushima in Japan,” he said.

Nuclear debate heats up behind closed doors, Government News, :06/05/2011 By Lilia Guan,  Additional reporting by Paul Hemsley According to Bob Hawke the greatest contribution Australia could make to the nuclear cycle would be to take the world’s nuclear waste.

 The former prime minister made the statement during the ‘Reflections on the Australia-United States Alliance’ conference, held at the United States Studies Centre – University of Sydney. Continue reading

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Martin Ferguson disregarding Aboriginal court action against nuclear waste dump

Despite this, [Aboriginal landowners’ legal action in progress] Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson is already forging ahead to get plans for a national radioactive waste dump underway

NT nuclear waste dump plan forges ahead 9 NEWS,  May 7 2011 By Fiona Willan, A federal government plan to dump nuclear waste on Aboriginal land is set to be debated in Parliament, as a legal battle over the site continues in court. Continue reading

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Nuclear power’s skyrocketing costs

The skyrocketing costs of nuclear compared with the steady decline in costs of alternative energy has resulted in world alternative energy production topping global nuclear installed capacity for the first time in history in 2010. Total investment in renewable energy technologies was estimated at 243 billion dollars last year, according to a new study, “World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2010-2011“. 

The nuclear industry’s oft-touted claims of a “nuclear renaissance” were never real, … “Now that claim is absolutely dead unless governments want to foot the entire bill. 

“Fukushima will have a bigger impact on the nuclear industry than Chernobyl,” 

The Nuclear Cost Shell Game, By Stephen Leahy, UXBRIDGE, Canada, May 6, 2011 (IPS)“…….The argument that nuclear power is needed to combat climate change is also incorrect. Continue reading

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Australia’s uranium marketing frenzy continues

Australia pushes nuclear exports, Al Jazeera, 6 May 2011

Nuclear power ‘not so bad’, says Woodside chief, Sydney Morning Herald, 7 may 2011  THE outgoing chief executive of the energy giant Woodside, Don Voelte, has backed the call by the chairman of Rio Tinto for Australia to embrace nuclear power.

They have not publicly lodged further submissions to the State Energy Initiative directions paper, due today.   –    WA’s chief industry groups lobby for a nuclear future,  –  WA Today, Courtney TrenwithMay 6, 2011 – Western Australia’s two chief business lobby groups support calls for nuclear energy in the state…. Continue reading

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