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Australia’s Week: goodbye Penny Sackett, hello Ian Chubb

A busy week on many fronts:

  • Dissension in Australian Liberal party over Climate Change
  • Australian company Lynas chooses Malaysia for its Thorium wastes, because Malaysian environmental law is weaker than Australia’s
  • As the take-up of small solar power has blossomed in rural and working class areas –  State governments pull the plug on the solar feed-in tariff
  • Australia gets a new Chief Scientist – a word now about this:
It’s a quiet goodbye to the former Chief Scientist – Penny Sackett. Well, I wasn’t a fan of Sackett, because she was ambivalent about nuclear power. However, Penny Sackett wrote the best article that I’ve ever read about Climate Change.

 or for full article – Why we must act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions | Chief Scientist of Australia
Australia’s new Chief Scientist has a much higher profile. But  isn’t it remarkable, in The Age full-page coverage, that  the very first argument to win Australians over to this scientist –  is that  Chubb is a football enthusiast!    So we must be able to trust him on science (Perhaps Penny Sackett was lacking in this department?)
Anyway, on Nuclear Power and Climate Change, Ian Chubb is an unknown quantity.  We wait to see how he treads in these political minefields.

May 21, 2011 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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