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I want to be able to look my children in the face

Audio I want to be able to look my children in the face, Phillip Coorey, Sydney Morning Herald, May 31, 2011 CATE BLANCHETT has dismissed attacks by Tony Abbott and other opponents of a carbon price, saying she will continue to do all she can to tackle climate change…… Continue reading

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Discrimination against Japanese actor who spoke out against nuclear power

‘Your planned role in a July 8 drama has gone away because of your statements regarding nuclear power plants.’”...

It’s Not Easy Being Antinuclear – Japan Real Time – WSJ* May 30, 2011,By Yoree Koh It’s a difficult time to trumpet the virtues of nuclear energy in Japan, but it appears naysayers are finding that speaking out can have negative consequences. Continue reading

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Call for Rupert Murdoch to support carbon price

Murdoch’s papers here, especially The Australian, seem to have gone off the rails. …It seems it’s OK for Rupert to support a price on carbon with his $6 billion wealth but not for Cate….

Rupert Murdoch should lead climate change fight | Crikey  Dick Smith: Rupert, come back to Oz, we need you  30 May   “…….. Today I am asking Rupert Murdoch to come back to Australia and give us some much needed leadership.

Whilst most of my wealthy colleagues deny that humans can be affecting climate, this is what Rupert says:

“Climate change poses clear catastrophic threats. We may not agree on the extent, but we certainly can’t afford the risk of inaction. We must transform the way we use energy of course — and not only because of climate change.” Continue reading

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Malaysian community want INDEPENDENT assessment of Lynas rare earths plant

ome of the points brought up were to force the government to do a DEIA (detailed environmental impact assessment) by a completely independent body…

. right now the main priority was to stop Lynas from operating in September.“This is the most important time, from now until the end of June. Once they receive their license, trying to stop them will take years,”

All out effort to stop Lynas rare earth plant Free Malaysia Today Tashny Sukumaran | May 30, 2011 Residents and environment groups have hammered together a six-point plan to stop construction of the plant. KUANTAN: Residents and anti-Lynas groups are making a concerted effort to stop the RM700 million rare earth plant in Gebeng, Pahang. Continue reading

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Propaganda against Cate Blanchett over carbon tax

Cate Blanchett carbon ad controversy – Carbon Cate and News Limited | Crikey, by Bernard Keane   31 May 11 News Limited’s hatchet job on Cate Blanchett hit all the right notes for this sort of confected outrage — indeed, it could be an exemplar of the form……More interesting was the automatic connection made by News Ltd and its employee between the media outlet and the community. Because a News Ltd editor was outraged, that necessarily meant the community was outraged, regardless of the fact that his employee couldn’t find any independent evidence of any outrage.

…….recently, Essential asked about trust in political coverage. Commercial radio was again the least trusted medium, with only 40% of voters saying they trusted it all or a lot, fewer than the 48% who said they had no trust or only a little trust. Newspapers fared better — 53% trusted them, better than commercial television, but still a distant third behind the ABC and SBS.If the Herald Sun and commercial radio think they’re reflecting community concerns, the community doesn’t appear to agree. ….
Cate Blanchett carbon ad controversy – Carbon Cate and News Limited | Crikey

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A sceptical look at uranium industry’s future

There will continue to be a persistent chorus of uranium investors who also have an audience in the media proclaiming uranium to be the ‘contrarian trade of the decade’. But smart investors, before getting caught up in such rhetoric need to ask themselves, “How much does the person who is the source of the information have invested in uranium shares?”

Uranium Stocks Under Siege as Fukushima Continues Spewing Radiation By James West,, May 30, 2011 As shares in uranium exploration companies continued to shed value, Japan’s nuclear nightmare is still getting worse. Continue reading

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South East Queensland free forums on renewable energy

To coincide with World Environment Day this weekend, free presentations on the award-winning Beyond Zero Emisions plan will be given at public forums across south-east Queensland.

Sustainable Jamboree member Ed Parker said the presentations would dispel any doubts people had surrounding renewable energy.

Emissionaries’ to decarbonise nation  Ipswich News  Chris Owen | 30th May 2011 WHEN environmentalist Ngaire McGaw says she’s working for a brighter future, she really means it.As the convener of Sustainable Jamboree she has spent years campaigning for a zero emission future for Australia through the use of renewable energy sources like solar power. Continue reading

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Arab energy forum support for renewable energy, not nuclear

Observations and questions from the floor indicated that the case for developing nuclear power had not been to the satisfaction of delegates and other options, solar and geothermal energy in particular, had much to offer and should be explored first.

Solar, not nuclear, power gets the vote of delegates at environment forum By ROGER HARRISON | ARAB NEWS, May 31, 2011 JEDDAH: Expert delegates at the Gulf Environment Forum’s opening session on nuclear power have suggested solar energy is the way forward. Continue reading

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Murdoch press backs calls for a second Aboriginal intervention

John Howard used their plight to enact a long prepared plan to close “economically unviable” communities, open up Aboriginal land for exploitation and private profit, and develop a cheap labour force…

a new media campaign, particularly in the Murdoch-owned Australian and NT News, to pave the way for another round of punitive measures against Aborigines…….federal opposition leader Tony Abbott made a much publicised visit to Alice Springs late last month to announce his plan for a “second intervention”

The Aboriginal “intervention” in Australia: four years on, World Socialist Website, By Susan Allan30 May 2011 As the fourth anniversary of the Northern Territory (NT) intervention approaches, calls are being made for a new round of regressive measures against Aboriginal people, including a “second intervention”……
..The expressions of humanitarian concern were, however, a smokescreen for a socially retrograde agenda. Continue reading

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Lucas Heights nuclear reactor safe? well, nearly!

Despite the existence of maintenance plans, “staff argue that maintenance is only undertaken for the most urgent matters,” it said.

The report also recommended the organisation allow staff to report safety problems directly to the radiation safety watchdog and Comcare if managers failed to respond to their concerns….In 2009-10, ANSTO Health had one breach of its licence and 56 radiology “events or near misses.”..

Lucas Heights cleared of safety breaches: report | The Australian, Siobhain Ryan, May 31, 2011 AUSTRALIA’S nuclear research agency has been cleared of safety breaches and a culture of cover-ups in a report tabled in Canberra yesterday. But the Government-appointed panel that authored the report said the Lucas Heights reactor in Sydney’s south was ageing, staff were worried that maintenance occurred only for the most urgent matters, and an even more open approach to reporting health and safety problems should be adopted……. Continue reading

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Nuclear shutdowns and slowdowns – bad news for uranium industry

political pressure continues to mount against nuclear energy…..Many countries have announced in-depth safety reviews of their nuclear reactors, placing moratoriums on any new plants in the near-term……

Uranium sector hurt by Germany’s ban By Jonathan Ratner, Vancouver Sun,  May 29, 2011  TORONTO The uranium sector came under some selling pressure on Monday after Germany announced it will shut down all of its nuclear reactors by 2022, reversing a nuclear energy policy put in place in October 2010. Continue reading

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Big mining companies cannot be trusted in dealings with Aboriginal people

 The vast majority of the deals have occurred in a ‘David and Goliath’ scenario. On the one side, a team of mining magnates, expertly-trained negotiators and top lawyers have been armed with technology and strategic action plans. They routinely have access to and support of politicians and have often indulged in ethically-flawed tactics to divide the other side. The other side has usually consisted of community representatives without the training or skills to negotiate at this level, many of whom could not even read.

The mining agenda from a Yamatji perspective – The Drum Opinion (Australian Broadcasting Corporation),  Colin McKinnon-Dodd  30may 11“…..…the people that benefit least from mining are the people removed from the land to allow it.Indeed the mining industry’s track record with Indigenous landholders is appalling. Time and again the big miners have shown that they cannot be trusted in their negotiations with Aboriginal people. For a very long time economic giants such as Rio Tinto, BHP and Fortesque Minerals have been taking advantage of their negotiating power with traditional owners in Australia and overseas. Continue reading

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Uranium industry cannot be ethically supported

The uranium industry has the support of people in government, universities, and the corporate sector. Powerful corporations influence the media through advertising.

Therefore it is necessary for citizens to inform themselves of the real dangers and costs of using nuclear power.

Uranium industry untenable By Leo Kurtenbach, The StarPhoenix, May 30, 2011 In 2009, Dan Perrins chaired Future of Uranium meetings across the province to look into the future of uranium mining in Saskatchewan.

This took place at a time when the uranium industry anticipated ballooning profits, if nuclear power would be used to develop our province’s oilsands.

Approximately 80 per cent of those attending the meetings or making written presentations opposed the expansion of nuclear power, however. Continue reading

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