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Australia’s nuclear salesmen at Canadian “clean” energy talks

Australian scientists tops in international  talks about CLEAN ENERGY .  Sounds great, doesn’t it?   But what are these talks, and who are Australia’s scientific representatives?

Well, the (poorly attended) talks were in Canada, (another uranium producing country), and of Australia’s four representatives, two  look very like nuclear salesmen.

There’s Barry Brook, well known nuclear power enthusiast, and Robin Batterham, formerly of giant uranium mining company, Rio Tinto

Fortunately the other two have more believable credentials on clean energy.- Christina Macpherson

Aussie scientists dominate global energy talks ABC News By Sara Phillips, Jun 7, 2011 Australian scientists represent almost a quarter of invited guests at an international energy conference that aims to “reboot the global dialogue on energy”. The Equinox Summit 2030 in Waterloo, Canada has gathered 17 international experts in energy generation, storage and distribution to map a path to a clean energy future.

With the world in dire need of an alternative to fossil fuels to prevent further climate changing greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere, the race is on to develop and roll out cleaner technologies.

Professor Barry Brook is one of four Australians at the conference which opened Monday.

Australia is represented by Dr Cathy Foley, a CSIRO physicist and nano materials expert; Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, who invented a battery with the potential to store power from renewable energy technologies; Professor Robin Batterham, a minerals engineer and former chief scientist of Australia; and Professor Brook.

The climate scientist and nuclear power advocate from the University of Adelaide says the summit is thinking big……

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