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Time that Australia dumped its Nuclear Energy Minister, Martin Ferguson

Today’s Age -( print edition, but not online?)  tells us “Australians turning away from nuclear power, but minister still going fission” – by Ellen Coulter bottom of page 13 of course – but still it’s in there. The main drift:

A Lowy Institute report will show that now only 35% of Australian s are willing to consider nuclear power.  A clear slide in public support for nuclear.

Meanwhile, Martin Ferguson predicts  that the Fukushima disaster will produce the outcome of better safety standards. (sounds almost glad – like – Fukushima is going to cause safer nukes, hooray!)  Even Rio Tinto uranium expert Andy Lloyd said that Fukushima had affected uranium prices, and warned thatnuranium is a “volatile” commodity.

Martin Ferguson is supposed to be Australia’s Minister for Energy –  not just nuclear energy. He is also not Australia’s Foreign Minister.   Yet at every turn, ferguson sabotages Australia’s chance to develop Renewable Energy. And, he pronounces on Australia’s relationship with india –  indeed Ferguson purports to know more about selling uranium to India than does our real Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd.

Even in Ferguson’s advocacy of the nuclear industry – he is leading WesternnAustralians up the garden path – promising a great booming prosperity with uranium mining –  at a time when it is becoming obvious that the uranium mining industry is in  a state of collapse – Christina Macpherson


June 10, 2011 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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