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This week: uranium gloom, Nebraska, and Australia’s Lynas embarrassment

This week – something of  a change in the nuclear ‘climate of opinion’ .    Channel 9’s “60 Minutes” surprised, with a pretty damning report on Fukushima. SBS TV covered the gloomy outlook for the nuclear industry.

BHP Billiton pulls out of Yeelirrie uranium mining – a decision that reflects the growing gloom in the uranium industry.

Today, the USA waits, quietly, as  workers struggle to shore up the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant in Nebraska – it’s now an island, surrounded by the rising Missouri River.   Not a good look for the nuclear industry.

For Australia, a really bad look, is the continuing drama in Malaysia. Australian company Lynas looks to make a (financial) killing, – while Malaysians fear it could result in a slower killing – of groundwater, land, and people , with the long-lasting  radioactive wastes.  Lynas rare earth’s facility plan doesn’t get much coverage in the Australian media.

 Ziggy Switkowski is a Director of Lynas. – That’s not surprising – he’s never worried at all about  radioactive wastes – Christina Macpherson

June 21, 2011 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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