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Doctors welcome Australia’s carbon tax plan as a healthy measure

A small but significant step towards a healthier world, Crikey, July 11, 2011, by Melissa Sweet, It’s time for the health professions to rally around the patient, Dr David Shearman, Honorary Secretary of the Doctors for the Environment Australia,writes:

Doctors for the Environment Australia regards a price on carbon as a public health measure, for climate change is one of the greatest health threats of our time.  It is a measure primarily to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Even in wealthy Australia there is significant morbidity and mortality from the cardio-respiratory pollutions of coal mining and combustion. A price on carbon is a health measure like a tobacco tax. Perhaps the latter would be attacked if 60% of the population smoked?

All these regrets now give way to relief that after 20 or more years of prevarication, we have a first small but significant step to effectively reduce carbon emissions and to change our consumptive economy and lifestyle into a sustainable one. The Prime Minister is on the front foot, the proposals are comprehensive and should be supported and built on. This is not the death knell of Australian civilisation and industry that some have claimed but a way forward to their resurgence…….

the establishment of an independent body to oversee renewable energy development with funding and a focus on energy efficiency is a very positive step that in conjunction with a carbon price may be enough to drive a shift to low carbon energy and produce by itself early and widespread improvements in human health from the resulting reduction in air pollution…

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