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Olympic Dam uranium mine- South Australia’s answer to the Hutt River Province

The Principality of Hutt River lies within the geographic territory of Western Australia, but is  not part of the State of Western Australia.  It seceded from the State of Western Australia in 1959, and became, legally, an independent Sovereign state in 1971.

Within a month or two, BHP Billiton is well positioned to achieve the same status for its Olympic Dam uranium mine in South Australia.

This will be helped along by BHP Billiton dictating   policy to its servant, (just barely hangin’ on to his job) Premier Mike Rann.

BHP Billiton will “improve” on the 1982 Indenture Act which allows BHP to override the:

· Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988
· Development Act 1993
· Environmental Protection Act 1993
· Freedom of Information Act 1991
· Mining Act 1971
· Natural Resources Act 2004 (including the Water Resources Act 1997)

It is timely for Australians to rejoice in this new political entity?  Time to make South African Marius Kloppers   – Prince Marius?   –   Christina Macpherson

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