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An insight into Climate Sceptic thinking

Why Are Congressional Republicans Turning on the Environment? HUFFINGTON POST, Edward Flattau, 11 Aug 11, “……A few undoubtedly have sold their political souls to corporate polluters who are generous corporate campaign donors and want no part of more stringent anti-pollution regulation. But most of the lawmakers are true believers in a conservative ideological agenda that has been drummed into their psyches from the start of their political careers….

The imposition of federal environmental regulation is shrouded with suspicion. It is regarded primarily as a means to solidify Washington bureaucrats’ jobs and advance a liberal agenda smacking of socialism. Science has been manipulated to exaggerate environmental problems for the purpose of tightening central government’s control over the marketplace and individual freedom, global warming being a case in point.

Many of the bill’s supporters believe America’s sovereignty over its natural resources is threatened by a takeover from a world government….. They sadly confuse our interdependence with other countries — a modern reality in a technologically linked world — with our national independence, which is not in jeopardy,

From the Republican lawmakers’ perspective, states in general do a better job of governance than federal bureaucrats, and the private sector and free market fluctuations are more effective than the public sector in keeping the nation on a prosperous course.

For most of these Republicans, it is a basic tenet that economic growth must precede environmental cleanup, with the two objectives at least initially susceptible to conflict. It is a view that clashes with the reality that economic prosperity and environmental quality are two sides of the same coin. …

Regulation can be excessive, but much of it is necessary to create order out of chaos……. many have yet to acknowledge that in an ever more complex world, anarchy in the marketplace is not the answer.

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