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Call to urge inquiry in to Rupert Murdoch’s media monopoly in Australia

AVAAZ, 24 Aug 11, Prime Minister Gillard may finally be about to order an inquiry into Rupert Murdoch’s stranglehold on our media. If she does, it would serve as the next blow to Murdoch’s already crumbling global empire — and revitalize our media and democracy.

The PM may make her decision in the coming hours, but insiders say she is wobbling under direct pressure from Murdoch’s lobbyists. Powerful members of her cabinet have her ear and could shore up her support — but they need a huge push from the public to strengthen their hand and secure the PM’s commitment to a robust, far-reaching inquiry.

Let’s flood her cabinet members with calls today and give them the public mandate they need to take a strong stand and hold the PM steady in her decision. The next few hours are crucial to securing the inquiry we’ve pushed so hard for. Take a moment and call these numbers now — the talking points below will help guide you in what to say:

Kate Ellis: (02) 6277 7630
Tanya Plibersek: (02) 6277 7200
Anthony Albanese: (02) 6277 7680

August 25, 2011 - Posted by | General News

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