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Cockburn City Council, Western Australia, shows how renewable energy and efficiency, can be done economically

Since 2001, the council has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by about 330,000 tonnes……

City of Cockburn climate change strategy leading by example, Science Network Western Australia , Chris Thomas, 24 August 2011  THE City of Cockburn has scored one of the 2011 National Awards for Local Government, recognising its work in climate change and sustainability. “Our energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects have resulted in reduced operating costs, reduced dependence on grid-supplied electricity and reduced vulnerability to electricity price increases.” —Ms Harrison.

The WA council first made a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in 1996 and now spends $650,000 each year on renewable energy systems, research, new technology and community engagement.

Climate Change: Science and Solutions for Australia, by CSIRO notes action on climate change will only be successful through the combined efforts of government, industry and the public to create behavioural changes.

“Our approach is likened to a ripple effect,” City of Cockburn climate change officer Jennifer Harrison said.

“We have a suite of programs and initiatives, which are tailored to meet our community’s needs.

“There is no one ‘big bang’ solution—the city’s sustainability and climate change program has been evolving over the past decade.

“Each of our programs is different and requires different players and support to integrate into day-to-day council business.”

Innovations have included installing 340 solar panels over six community buildings, capturing gas from landfill with Waste Gas Resources, working with Murdoch University on producing wind power, a recycle shop, a staff sustainability program, the introduction of weekly recycling for residents and sustainability grants for schools, business and the community.

In seven weeks, the City reduced green-bin waste by 387 tonnes and increased yellow-top recyclable bin waste by 265 tonnes across Cockburn.

Since 2001, the council has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by about 330,000 tonnes……

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