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Hypocrisy of Country Liberal Party in Northern Territory, over uranium mining.

Gloves off in Angela Pamela uranium mine scrap ABC News, Jane Bardon and Lucy McNally, 23 Aug 11,  “…..The Country Liberals’ Robyn Lambley won the Araluen by-election last year while opposing development of the Angela Pamela uranium deposit after a backlash from Alice Springs residents.

The party has now changed its policy to say it will encourage all applications for uranium developments….

The Arid Land Environment Centre says neither party in the Territory can be trusted when it comes to the proposed Angela Pamela mine.

Opposition environment spokesman Peter Chandler took part in a debate in Alice Springs on the weekend and said the CLP would support a uranium mine there if it met environmental standards.

That prompted the Government to accuse the party of ignoring the community’s concerns on the issue.

Environment Centre spokesman Jimmy Cocking says a CLP government is more likely to approve a mine at the site, but he wouldn’t put it past the Labor party either.”In terms of policy outside of Angela Pamela they are both the same,” he said…

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