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Liquefied Natural Gas to boom, with the decline in nuclear energy

 new safety standards and changing public sentiment are likely to slow the advance of atomic energy….

Japan’s energy loss, our LNG gain, The Australian, Rick Wallace, Tokyo Correspondent ,September 20, 2011…….Tokyo Gas says it expects the Energy Horizon will make up to 15 trips a year, bringing gas from Darwin LNG and the Pluto project in Western Australia. Sources in Japan say the surging demand for LNG from Japan has made the $30 billion Ichthys project (a Japanese-owned and operated venture bringing WA gas to Darwin) a near certainty to go ahead and boosted the business case for several other projects.

Australian Energy and Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and leading players from the LNG and coal industries have converged on Japan in recent weeks to promote Australia’s wealth of resource projects as medium and long-term sources of extra energy.

In an interview with The Australian in Tokyo, Ferguson describes the present conditions as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for Australia’s LNG, coal and coal-seam gas producers….

The latest gas industry forecasts suggest that Australia will soon surpass Qatar as the world’s biggest provider….

Fukushima’s effects have resonated well beyond the Japanese archipelago. Germany is phasing out its nuclear energy program in the wake of the disaster. The accident hasn’t prompted such drastic repercussions in other countries, but new safety standards and changing public sentiment are likely to slow the advance of atomic energy….

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