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Court finds AREVA nuclear company guilty of radioactive water pollution

AREVA-SOCATRI was finally convicted of the offense of water pollution, in addition to his conviction for delay in reporting an incident. 

Areva-Socatri convicted of water pollution: an unprecedented legal victory! , September 30, the Court of Appeal of Nîmes condemned AREVA-SOCATRI of water pollution, as a result of the appeal including the Network “Sortir du nucléaire”. This sentence follows the unprecedented radioactive leaks detected on the Tricastin nuclear site in July 2008.

Located between Valence and Avignon, the Tricastin nuclear site includes both treatment plants and four fuel nuclear power reactors in operation. SOCATRI society, located on this site, ensures the maintenance and dismantling of radioactive materials and nuclear waste treatment and industrial companies AREVA Tricastin. 

On the morning of July 8, 2008, employees of the factory SOCATRI  found that there was a leak in the system holding the tank. Part of the radioactive liquid spilled on the ground and in the adjacent channel. More than 74 kg of uranium, highly radioactive material and requires several hundred million years to lose half its radioactivity, have been discharged into nearby waterways. 30 m3 of effluents containing uranium has contaminated surface water, depriving the population of drinking water and polluting the popular swimming areas. According to an assessment at the time by CRIIRAD, pollution corresponded to 27 times the annual limit on emissions allowed.

Network “Sortir du nucléaire”, as well as numerous associations and citizens,  filed complaints and civil parties. October 14, 2010, the Criminal Court sentenced Carpentras AREVA-SOCATRI for late reporting of an incident but was acquitted of the offense of water pollution. This decision was challenged on appeal.

The hearing was held June 17, 2011, the Court of Appeal of Nîmes. It has, again, to highlight the serious omissions that are the cause of the accident in 2008. The case was adjourned for deliberation and the verdict was finally delivered on 30 September 2011. AREVA-SOCATRI was finally convicted of the offense of water pollution, in addition to his conviction for delay in reporting an incident. It was sentenced to pay a sum of a total of more than half a million euros: 300 000 euro fine and 230 000 euros in damages to be 160 000 euros to all associations and 70 000 euros for individuals.

Network “Sortir du nucléaire” welcomes such a verdict, and hopes that this decision will pave the way towards the end of the impunity of nuclear pollution.

Press Contacts:
Daniel Roussée: 06 61 97 83 28
Marie Frache: 07 62 58 01 23
Etienne Ambroselli: 06 09 30 80 67

Pour en savoir plus sur l’affaire Socatri, lire notre article rédigé au moment des faits : Tricastin, une série d’incidents inquiétants,


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