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Uranium SA address to shareholders – all the right weasel words

Russel Bluck Chairman Uranium SA Limited gave a brave  Address to Shareholders
on 6 October.  
It was designed to jolly them up, and Mr Bluck is to be admired, for he has learned all the right terms.  I was reminded of schooldays, when I was taught certain religious beliefs and words by rote.  Obviously Australia’s uranium mining executives have followed the same sort of teaching.

First comes the admission – ” The rate of corporate and generational change has been slowed [ a better word than plummeted?] by external circumstance”

But this is followed quickly by the new nuclear dogmas:   about  “robust returns on invested capital”,…..”The failure of the Fukushima nuclear plants was an industrial [ not a nuclear?] catastrophe within the context of a major natural disaster.”…

…as the fog of disinformation [does he mean the facts on radiation?] clears , it is again clear nuclear power generation is safe and made even safer by the lessons of Fukushima,…

Nuclear power is the only proven technology which is able to deliver energy at the levels required to sustain and grow industry and urban populations – it has a secure future. [Oh Yeah?]
 the uranium market will continue to have a sound future structure [Oh Yeah?]
As a corporate entity, everything we do is done professionally and with integrity [ except telling the truth]

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