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Devastating report on the radiation caused illnesses of Britain’s nuclear veterans

MoD survey shows three in four nuclear test veterans fear radiation has affected their health, Mirror,  by Susie Boniface,   30/10/2011 A devastating new report shows that eight in 10 of Britain’s nuclear test ­veterans went on to develop multiple medical conditions.

And three in four of the men who survived atomic blasts in the 1950s fear their health was ­damaged due to being used as ­human guinea pigs for Cold War scientists.  A survey by the Ministry of Defence shows 83 per cent have since developed ­between two and nine ­serious long-term ­illnesses. Some have more than 10.

Asked if they believe their health had been affected by being at a nuclear test site, 28 per cent said they were certain it had, 23 per cent thought it had and 24 per cent said it may have done – a total of 75 per cent. Only eight per cent said it definitely had not.

The study, the first MoD funded-research since 1993, vindicates 10 years of campaigning by the Sunday Mirror which has highlighted the ­crippling legacy of ill health veterans have suffered. Many have developed cancers and rare medical complaints.

Studies have shown they have six times the national rate of ­leukaemia and 10 times the rate of birth defects among their children. It was only after massive pressure from the veterans and this newspaper that the last government finally agreed to fund a £412,000 study into their health.

SPENDING SLASHED  The Coalition slashed the spend to £75,000 but 633 veterans still came forward to answer questions developed by two doctors with the British Nuclear Test Veterans’ ­Association.

The survey shows only 18 per cent of those polled are in “good health” and of those with a serious condition, only 16 per cent thought it was because of other than radiation. Veterans made a series of demands in the study, including a medical centre, better access to service medical records and a detailed ­genetic study of their descendants.

But experts did not look at ­the illnesses of ­vets’ children and grandchildren, saying the evidence was “of too ­variable a quality”.  Read more:

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