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NSW government does not know what to do with Hunter’s Hill radioactive uranium waste

Kemps Creek spared radioactive waste, but contaminated soil may be dumped elsewhere in NSW, Henry Budd , The Daily Telegraph October 31, 2011 RADIOACTIVE waste dug up in Hunters Hill will not be dumped at Kemps Creek, the NSW Government announced today, but the opposition says another NSW community could now be the site where material will be dumped.Up to 5000 tonnes of contaminated soil from the site of a former uranium smelter at Hunters Hillwas to have been trucked to Kemps Creek, near Penrith, allowing the sale of three blocks of land in the waterside suburb….

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson said: “The Premier is treating the people of NSW with contempt if he thinks it is OK to dump radioactive waste in someone’s backyard and keep it a secret.”The Premier is clearly trying to avoid a second backlash by refusing to tell residents their community is about to become a radioactive dumping ground.”….

Send radioactive waste offshore: NSW Labor 9 News 1 Nov 11 Radioactive waste from the north shore should be sent offshore and not trucked to western Sydney, says NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson. The government on Monday announced that radioactive waste from the former Hunters Hill uranium smelter would be stored at a secret Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) facility at Lidcombe….. Continue reading

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USA’s new Plutonium complex – “participatory fascism” or “nuclear weapons socialism”



 “There’s the fake citizen input but not the real citizen input,” .. “It’s what Robert Higgs called “participatory fascism.” We are allowed to participate in discussions which already have predetermined outcomes.”

“a totally state-controlled state investment in a very obsolete technology. It’s weapons socialism.”


A Giant New Plutonium Complex at Los Alamos, HUFFINGTON POST Mary-Charlotte Domandi,  10/31/11  or, “How to spend $6 billion, create 600 jobs, and prop up the most unproductive sector of the military industrial complex for another generation.”

Despite President Obama’s campaign rhetoric of a world without nuclear weapons, despite the recent catastrophe at Japan’s Fukushima complex, and despite the new START nuclear arms control treaty between the U.S. and Russia last February, it seems the desire among our leaders for nuclear power and nuclear weaponry remains as strong today as it was at the height of the Cold War. What’s just as disturbing, though, is the disregard our government shows for any input from its citizenry — pro or con….

the main purpose of this $4-12 billion plutonium lab, which the NNSA claims “would provide vitally essential technical support capabilities to NNSA’s national security mission,” is basically “making weapons of mass destruction.” Craftily-languaged in the NNSA proposal as “plutonium pits,”…. The warhead cores of these “plants,” says Mello, [ Greg Mello, co-founder of the Los Alamos Study Group]  would be “the successors to the bombs used on Nagasaki. They’d each have a yield that’s 50 times greater than the bomb used there in World War II.”… Continue reading

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Paladin uranium miner struggles with continued losses and share price falls

Paladin chief slashes his pay, SMH, Peter Ker,November 1, 2011 PALADIN Energy boss John Borshoff has taken the knife to his $2.5 million salary, in the latest chapter of a miserable year for the struggling uranium miner.

Barely 10 months after enjoying a 5 per cent pay rise, Mr Borshoff has agreed to reduce his pay by 25 per cent as part of a drive to reduce administration costs at the Africa-focused company. The pay cut coincided with a lacklustre quarterly report from Paladin, which has earned a reputation for over-promising and under-delivering. ……… mine production targets were missed by 15 per cent over the past three months, while the company’s forecasts for the uranium price also proved too optimistic.

But the cut to Mr Borshoff’s pay was the stand-out item in the report, and comes after much agitation from investors who have watched the share price plummet since the Japanese nuclear disaster in March.  Mr Borshoff’s remuneration package was worth $2.522 million in the year to June 2011, up from $1.9 million the year before.

That increase to his remuneration, which included a 5 per cent rise in fixed pay, came in a year when Paladin made an increased trading loss of $US82.3 million.   The company sought to justify Mr Borshoff’s remuneration by describing him as a ”recognised global authority” on nuclear power, whose expertise was in ”extremely limited supply” around the world….

Paladin shares fell 6.5¢ to $1.50 yesterday. The stock was fetching $5 in March before the Fukushima nuclear disaster damaged investor confidence in the uranium sector….

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