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At last, Labor frontbencher Peter Garrett will vote against uranium sales to India

Garrett opposes uranium to India, SMH December 3, 2011 Labor frontbencher Peter Garrett says he will not support a push by Prime Minister Julia Gillard to change the party’s stance on uranium sales to India.

Ms Gillard will ask the party on Sunday to overturn its ban on uranium exports to India, which is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

But Mr Garrett told reporters outside Labor’s national conference in Sydney on Saturday that he would not back the move. “Australia has a substantial and a reasonable position in the international community on disarmament,” said Mr Garrett, a former Nuclear Disarmament Party candidate. “It’s based on the fact that these treaties are signed for a reason and a purpose.”..,.

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  1. Hang on.- the traitor arsehole Garret SUPPORTED gillards desire (oops or should we say PAUL HOWES – another ALP caucus UNELECTED powerrbroker who overthrew the electorates deciksion to have Rudd as PM) to sell uranium, to India. Just look at Garret’s brown nose! He loves the power, the money and the position – far more so than the passion.


    Comment by Voter With Conscious | April 15, 2013 | Reply

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