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Look out: Australia’s National Open Source Intelligence Centre is watching you

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one, will be piqued if I am not on  Jody and Amanda Lambden’s list of secret “issue monitoring”.  I know that the big corporations run a list of “hostile websites” – and I am a proud member of that list.

But I didn’t know that Martin Ferguson had couple of pals in my very own home town, watching us evil environmentalists. I’ve been at least 5 years on the job, and I expect to be included. 

It’s only fair, Martin Ferguson. After all, we’re all watching you and your  subservience to the nuclear lobby. – Christina Macpherson

The watchdog’s kennel in clandestine CroydonThe Age, Philip Dorling  January 7, 2012 AN INCONSPICUOUS Melbourne apartment block is home to a monitoring service that keeps watch on environment groups at the request of the federal government. The National Open Source Intelligence Centre, a private intelligence company, works under contract for the Australian Federal Police and Federal Attorney-General’s Department to monitor activist websites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter to provide warning and analysis of protest activity.

Owned jointly by Croydon couple Jody and Amanda Lambden, NOSIC has been operating since 1999. It aims to provide law enforcement agencies and other private clients with internet monitoring and analysis directed at groups engaged in
”radical activism, criminal (terrorist) activity or unlawful behaviour”.

Services provided by NOSIC include ”issue monitoring”, ”tactical intelligence”, ”threat analysis” and ”trend analysis and
forecasting focus on emerging patterns and trends in activism”. NOSIC has been engaged on contract by the AFP and the
Attorney-General’s Department since at least 2003. From 2006 to 2008, it was paid $184,800…..

NOSIC’s website does not identify its director, Mr Lambden, and provides no phone number or business address.
However, corporate records list the company’s principal place of business as a residential apartment block on Hewish Road, Croydon….
Federal security sources told The Saturday Age that NOSIC provided a ”cost-effective service” that ”frees AFP analysts from spending time chasing publicly available information”.

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  1. Occupy Melbourne is taking action against #NOSIC this Thursday. More info to come:


    Comment by omdigest | January 7, 2012 | Reply

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