Australian news, and some related international items

The weeks’ Australian nuclear news in brief

Australia:  Once again, the most serious, and the least covered in the media, is the issue of Martin Ferguson’s National Radioactive Waste Bill, under consideration by the Senate.

Mining companies bribing activities. Australian mining companies getting anxious about their operations in Africa and Asia; they might get caught bribing government officials,  (as BHP Billiton, the Big Non Australian was caught with its “tea money” to Cambodia).

In country Australia, many are becoming aware of the financial  loss to rural communities of governments preventing wind energy projects.  Astroturfing pressure groups have prevailed over science, in the “debate” over wind power.

Continuing angst about Gina Rinehart and her push to influence content on the Australian media.

Continuing opposition to Australian company Lynas’  rare earths project in Malaysia – as it has no long term radioactive waste disposal plan.  Temporary approval process by the Malaysian government has aroused much protest.

Decentralised solar energy proving to be  a winner for Queensland.

Australian government launches  a series of energy efficiency programs.


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