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Hypocrisy of New South Wales govt – permitting uranium exploration, “but not mining”

Uranium in Broken Hill? 16 February, 2012   ABC News, By Natalie Whiting and Cherie McDonald     “………. Environemtal impact A local Greens member says he is concerned about the legislative change, saying the Government wouldn’t have overturned the ban if it didn’t intend to mine…

… the Greens Broken Hill spokesman Cameron Jones says local residents should think carefully if they want uranium
mining in the far west because that will be the result of exploration. “Exploring is lovely, exploring is what great people like Burke and Wills did, and Sturt did (but) mining companies are not like those things at all. “Mining companies don’t invest in exploration as they like to call it, unless they’re willing to go further.
“You don’t dig a hole in the ground and go ‘oh, we found something, let’s leave it there’, what you do is you dig a hole in the ground, you find it, and you find a way to dig it up.”
He says Broken Hill residents need to make a conscience decision about whether they want to be exporting uranium from the region…..

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