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Paul Howes, the nuclear lobby’s man aiming for Canberra?

Until very recently, both Liberal and Labor parties in New South Wales opposed uranium mining in that State.

Now the Liberal Party in government will allow uranium exploration, and no doubt permission for  uranium mining will follow.  Why else would uranium mining companies bother to dig?

New South Wales Labor opposition opposes the new move towards uranium mining.

But it’s interesting to see how forthright is Paul Howes, a very prominent union leader, with his eye on  apolitical career, presumably in the Labor Party –  in his enthusiasm for the nuclear industry.  Ziggy, and Barry, and the rest of the Nuclear Push must be thrilled to bits, with this little union go getter.

Paul Howes is quoted in today’s Cowra Community News,  as saying that   ” uranium exploration
is a step in the right direction, particularly as Australia looks to develop cleaner energy sources into the future.”

“cleaner?” –  Paul – you’ll have to think of a more sophisticated term that that. Nobody believes in “clean” nuclear any more.


February 17, 2012 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, people, politics

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