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Australian rare earths company Lynas – the Ugly Australian in court?

Lynas itself had admitted it had no prepared any such permanent waste storage facility 

 I cannot understand why Malaysia is prepared to tolerate the potential hazards to occur here from a plant which will give no substantial benefit of Malaysia because of the pioneer status granted to Lynas for 10 years

Lynas Corp failed to meet any of the conditions in its first proposals, according to the regulator.

Anti-Lynas groups are planning a mammoth rally in Kuantan on February 26 to pressure Putrajaya to terminate the project.

A year on, anti-Lynas campaign goes to court The Malaysian Insider By Debra Chong , February 17, 2012 KUALA LUMPUR,   — A nationwide campaign to stop Lynas heads into the courtroom with damaging allegations against the Australian rare earths producer and Malaysia’s regulators.

The court filing also accuses Lynas of economic imperialism and points out that until today it does not have a plan to permanently dispose of its waste, some which contain potentially harmful levels of radiation. Continue reading

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Australia’s has inadequate renewable energy policy , in opposing solar feed-in tariffs

The Australian laws – dubbed the ”clean energy future package” by the government….The package also includes a
$10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation to invest in and underwrite the development of fledgling technologies.

But the government opposes feed-in tariffs and is reducing a national solar incentive scheme. State solar feed-in tariffs have been wound back

German experience: clean energy requires subsidies, The Age, Adam Morton February 18, 2012 AN ARCHITECT of Germany’s rapid growth in clean energy – it has nearly half the world’s rooftop solar power – has warned that Australia’s climate policies will not alone drive a switch to greenhouse-gas-free electricity.

Germany reached its 2020 target of generating a fifth of its electricity from renewable sources nine years ahead of schedule, largely through feed-in tariffs that guarantee new power forms an inflated rate for the power they use to make them competitive.

It installed 3 gigawatts of solar photovoltaic panels in December alone – roughly enough for 1.5 million homes. Australia has less than half this in total. Continue reading

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New nuclear power getting too expensive for Britain, and France

the world is experiencing a ‘glut’ of gas according to the IEA

 it is now looking increasingly likely that there will be no new nuclear power stations in Britain

 The decision on whether or not new nuclear is actually built in Britain will be taken in Paris, not London. And very possibly by a new French President less in thrall to the nuclear industry.

No More Nukes?, (UK)  February 17, 2012 by tomburke It is just David Cameron’s bad luck to have chosen to back a nuclear future for Britain at a moment when it is becoming increasingly unlikely that it will happen. And it is entirely appropriate that he should find himself doing so in Paris since that is where the fate of DECC’s nuclear policy will be determined.

The idea of replacing Britain’s aging AGRs with Areva’s EPR was always inspired by a French government seeking to close an emerging decades long gap in domestic nuclear orders. The justification for British homeowners and businesses being forced to pay for a French industrial policy was a supposed electricity generation gap.

Without French nuclear power stations, Britons would be freezing in the dark by 2015 according to energy ministers. This was always nonsense but has been made totally ridiculous by several recent developments. Continue reading

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